The Art of Productivity & Procrastination


I’m currently in the throes of writing book two, which means I have a daily word count to hit and an endless ability to find ways to procrastinate. Like this past Monday morning, when after refreshing my Twitter and Facebook streams multiple times, counting my split ends by the glow of my laptop screen, baking…
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Distractions and How I Handl…SQUIRREL!


My procrastination skills are Olympic medal worthy. It’s a small miracle I ever finished a book, and kept my family clothed and fed. Miracle. I can waste a day without even opening a browser window, so when I do have internet access – I’m looking for the next squirrel to chase. As an avid pop culture…
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News Flash: Launch parties, first drafts, & a contest!


Congratulations to Ellie Berger, winner of EVERY TIME I THINK OF YOU by guest author Tracey Garvis Graves! Check back next Sunday for the winner of the signed copy of LEAVING TIME, by this week’s guest author Jodi Picoult …   From the 2015 Debs… Colleen Oakley is in the throes of planning her launch party…
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The Best KidLit Conference? Rutgers, Hands Down

Rutgers Logo

There comes a point in every serious writer’s life when they decide to crawl out of the cave and share what they’ve been scribbling with, you know, other actual people. There are many ways to do this — online communities, crit groups, contests, and conferences. I’ve never gone the contest route myself — it’s just…
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Why you win, even when you don’t…

(My next writing mug...thanks, Cafe Press!)

This week on The Debutante Ball we’re talking contests and conferences, and since I’ve only done the first one (most conferences are scattered throughout the U.S. and Europe, which means this Canadian author must look and dream from afar…for now) that’s where I’ll focus my post. When I first discovered the online writing community on…
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Find Your Writer Friends – Pants Optional


Writing is isolating. You know that and I know that. That’s why it’s important to get out in the world once in a while, hob nob with other writerly folks, get a little inspiration, make some friends, than disappear back into the writer cave. Those writer connections will help save you when you need to talk…
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The Best Call That Came At The Worst Time


Last February sucked — along with the kiddo and I contracting that crazy swine flu that kept me in bed for a week, I was still recovering from bad news about a potential offer, and then our beloved labradoodle, Quincy, died. Not to mention we were still buried deep under ice, snow, and frigid winter…
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The 5 Who Have Kept The Dream Alive …


This week at the Ball it’s all about the 5 people who made our books possible, and first I need to say how TICKLED I am to even be writing this! Because it means I have a book. MY BOOK IS GOING TO BE A BOOK. You can’t see me, hiding behind my laptop screen,…
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5 Things Sona NEEDS to Write

The penguin rocks the peacock chair.

NOTE: Don’t want to be a Deb downer, but just want to acknowledge the date, and that it’s a hard anniversary for many of us, myself included. So I’m keeping things light here. Hence the penguin! This week on the Ball, we’re sharing our writerly must-haves — necessary objects and other things we need to…
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