5 Tips for Overwhelmed Author Syndrome: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

To-Do List

Lori was right. I’ve got no answers here. I’m imagining that back when we finalized this year’s topic calendar and decided this week we’d talk about Overwhelmed Author Syndrome, we all thought: all our books will be launched by then, and surely we’ll be feeling like pros! Like we’ve totally got a handle on things….
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Guest Author Mary Vensel White on Looking Inward, Opening Outward + Giveaway of THE QUALITIES OF WOOD


We are thrilled to welcome Mary Vensel White, whose debut novel launches in just a few days on June 17! Called “a haunting and provocative debut” by Christina Baker Cline, author of Orphan Train, The Qualities of Wood is a novel about secrets. Family secrets. Community secrets. And secrets between lovers, past and present. And all…
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5 Sure-Fire Ways to Kill Creativity or Your Money Back, Guaranteed


The question, “How do you stay creative?” reminds me of the question, “Where do you get your ideas from?” There isn’t a set way, a step-by-step guide, to creative inspiration. But I know from experience that there are sure-fire ways to kill creativity. I’ve caught myself doing quite a few and I would only recommend…
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An Early Writing (and Life!) Lesson from my Dad

My dad has a veteran's plaque at Willamette National Cemetery.

This week I went to Jenny Milchman’s reading. She was our guest a few weeks ago (post here). Afterwards, hanging out with Jenny and another fabulous author, Johnny Shaw, we got to talking about the promotion and marketing side of our biz. Johnny said he considered it part of his job, like a woodworker sweeping…
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