Tidying Up My Next Project


This week on the Debutante Ball, the Debs are looking forward to a milestone in the future, when we’ll no longer be debutantes, but sophomores. Writers with a second book. When the Debs scheduled this topic for the beginning of the new year, I was feeling certain that I’d be finished with a first draft…
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5 Social Media Techniques to Grow Your Writing Community


I’ve spoken quite a bit about how much I love my writing community. They’ve been so much more to me than colleagues. They’re true friends, my champions—they’re warriors—and I am theirs. I’ve found much of my community the same way the other Debs mentioned: conferences, writing groups, going to writing events, lending a hand whenever…
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5 Most Important Things I’ve Learned About the Writing Business


I could write a book about all that I’ve learned over these last four years, but let’s cut to the chase and hit the most important.  1. Don’t Submit Your Work Too Soon This is true whether we’re talking about critique partners, agents, OR editors. Remember that not all feedback (or readers) are created equal….
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