Deb Susan Loves All the New Beginnings

I’ve always loved beginnings, and New Year’s Day in particular.

New Year’s Day is the stuff of dreams, its potential limited only by imagination.

This particular year holds more exciting potential than any other I can remember. It won’t be as emotional as the year I married my husband, or as life-changing as the year I knew I would first hold my son in my arms. But numerically speaking, 2013’s got some amazing things going for it in my world.

Susan Horse Head
Here’s hoping I find a less embarrassing way to celebrate when the time comes…

Top of the list would have to be the release of CLAWS OF THE CAT – my debut mystery novel, in which I’ll introduce Hiro Hattori and Father Matteo Avila de Santos to the world.

But CLAWS doesn’t release until July 16, and I’ve got oodles of excitement coming before that.

First on the calendar is the official release of Kerry Schafer’s debut fantasy BETWEEN – and I have to admit, I’m bursting with excitement. The swell of pride I felt when I walked into Barnes & Noble and pre-ordered my friend’s novel was almost overwhelming. Kerry’s the first close friend I’ve ever known at the time of her debut, and I’m tickled to be sharing her release.

A week later, I get to enjoy that thrill again when Dana Bate’s THE GIRLS’ GUIDE TO LOVE AND SUPPER CLUBS debuts in the U.S. (she’s already had her U.K. release, but I couldn’t find a friend in England to mail me a copy, so I can’t WAIT to get my hands on it the day it hits the shelves!) TWO good friends’ novels releasing in two consecutive weeks – how amazing is that!

A little later, I get to celebrate Amy Sue Nathan’s THE GLASS WIVES and Kelly Harms’s THE GOOD LUCK GIRLS OF SHIPWRECK LANE – and then, at the very end of 2013, my friend and critique partner Marci Jefferson’s debut historical novel, THE DUCHESS OF RICHMOND, will be published by Thomas Dunne Books.  And as if that wasn’t enough, my friend Heather Webb just sold her debut historical, BECOMING JOSEPHINE, to Plume/Penguin for publication early in 2014. My friend LJ Cohen just completed her most recent Sci-Fi novel, DERELICT – and you can take a peek at some of it here.

In case you’re keeping track, that’s SEVEN friends’ novels, plus my own, all in 2013 – and there might be a couple more that I’m not yet at liberty to discuss.

If anyone had told me all of this back on January 1, 2012 – when my debut novel hadn’t even sold – I’d have said they were crazy.

Well, if this is crazy, sign me up!

What are you looking forward to in 2013? Do you have a friend with a debut novel publishing this year? I’d love to hear about it in the comments – I’m always looking for great new books to read!

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  1. Susan – I can’t wait for CLAWS OF THE CAT to come into the world!! Don’t hurt me, but I happen to have the British version of Dana’s book right here and I stayed up late last night reading!!! I’ve walked through the release process with a couple of friends now, and you’re right – it is an incredible thrill to walk into a bookstore and say, “Hey! I know that author!!”

  2. You’re so right! When you’re a debut author you make debut author friends and celebrate their releases like your own (with less work)! I love saying “my friend’s book” because really, not many people know traditionally published authors. And to me, it seems like we’re just EVERYWHERE!

  3. Susan- I am excited beyond words for the CLAWS release!! As someone fortunate enough to have read it– All I can say to all you Hisfic fans is– Hold on to your seat!! The Japanese are preparing to invade!!
    CLAWS rocks- and I’m as thrilled as I can be about dear Marci and Hether’s upcoming debuts.
    Guys, Susan is an amazing writer– but more than that, she’s a fierce friend and an incredible teacher.

    Run– don’t walk– to the nearest bookstore when her book debuts in July. You will NOT regret it!

  4. So much excitement to come in 2013! To all the debs, I’m adding your books to my Goodreads list ASAP! That’s a bunch of great books you ladies have cranked out.

    I’ve already had the incredible fortune to devour a copy of CLAWS, and the next in the series (woot!). We’re going to celebrate that release like it’s 1999. lol.

    BTW, nice pic.

    1. Thanks Dana! I’m so excited to read yours, and Amy’s, and Kelly’s – Kerry’s was FANTASTIC (I devoured it in a single lovely night in front of the fire). This is going to be an absolutely amazing year.

  5. The first debut book I thought of was April Moore’s “Folsom’s 93: The Lives and Crimes of Folsom Prison’s Executed Men,” scheduled for release in July It’s not fiction, but April is in my critique group, so I know what a great read it is for those who read true crime and for those who love history. Sounds like something a Susan Spann would like to add to her reading list. 😀

    1. Actually, Pat, I AM really looking forward to April’s book. I saw your mention of it on your website (I think you interrupted your Christmas break to mention it!) and I’m a big reader of books like that. It’s on my “buy ASAP” list for sure. It looks really great!

  6. I’m snickering at your comment about your picture, Susan, regarding making an ass of yourself! You crack me up! And you touch my heart with your generous love for me and THE DUCHESS OF RICHMOND. You will receive on of the very first copies as soon as it hits shelves early 2014!

    And I agree wholeheartedly with Janet for saying, “Guys, Susan is an amazing writer– but more than that, she’s a fierce friend and an incredible teacher.”

    Love you to to the moon and back, Susan!!!

      1. You guys make me blush. Seriously 🙂 You’re amazing critique partners and awesome friends – and you’re amazing writers yourselves, so your compliments mean the world to me!

    1. Thank you so much Marci! You know me well enough to know that I absolutely never miss a chance to look foolish – and sometimes I even do it on purpose…

      I cannot WAIT to see DUCHESS in print. I’m so excited for you!!

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