“Do I even HAVE a “good” side???”

“Man, they’ve definitely got a face for radio.”

It’s a saying coast-head-shot1we constantly hear in the brutally honest world of broadcasting, and its one of the major reasons I went into radio.  I was looking forward to just being heard and never seen.  I couldn’t have been more mistaken.

 The internet has ruined the delightful anonymity my broadcasting predecessors enjoyed. 

It turns out people like seeing what their favorite on-air personalities look like (and to be honest, I think I’m much hotter in people’s minds.)   My first “exposure” (pun intended) to publicity photos was during my second radio job in Miami.  I was told that as part of the on-air staff, I was required to get a “head-shot” that would be displayed in the station lobby along with all of the other on-air talent.  The horrified look on my face should have been my head-shot.  I was immediately panicked and stopped eating for 2 weeks until the dreaded day of my first photo shoot.  I know I have that silly picture roaming around somewhere but it’s just too embarrassing to re-live publically.  Picture a much younger, much plumper version of myself, playing “serious grown-up news reporter” in a blue suit, and some ridiculous chunky gold earrings I borrowed from my friend Patty.  (Thanks Pat, your earrings live on forever.)

Years later, I left the serious side of “news broadcasting” for the lighter side of FM morning radio. I got to take a more candid pic, and this was the result.  Why did I look so happy?  I really don’t know.  I was waking up at 3am and stuck in a studio with no windows for 6 straight hours every morning.maria old head shot

This was my next publicity shot, when I was doing a “Daliah-esque” evening “love-songs and dedications” show.  I was happier (since I wasn’t waking up at 3am anymore) and I was definitely more comfortable being in front of the camera.

Not too long ago I decided to set-up a website for my up-coming book, and my genius husband thought it would be a great idea to get some pics taken.  That’s the result of this racier pic.  I’m smiling because I’m stepping on his tie.magazinecover2

And finally, here’s the most recent shot literally taken about 2 weeks ago.  Its for my new show where I have re-united with my first partner (Steve) and I’m so comfortable in front of the lens, I can do it naked!  (Well, not exactly.)  Again, don’t ask me why I look so happy.  I’m waking up at 2am now, and my life has officially gone full-circle.

“Say Cheese!”Steve and Maria KJOY Head

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  1. Hahaha!!! I had all the appropriate news jewelry back then, including the necessary brooch for the suit. lol Those were the days. We took ourselves way too seriously and wanted to be respected as journalists, so we got our hair bobbed, our suits tailored, and raided the “professional looking earrings for $19.99″ counter at Dillards. You are a natural in front of the camera now, Maria,(Facebook break!!! and –ahem– never mind!), but, then again, you always were, even back in the old college newsroom…”no ifs, ands, or BUTTS…” (inside joke, there) Great blog today…one of my favorites so far, but, maybe it’s cuz you mentioned me!!! Love ya!

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