Fifteen Minutes of Shame=A Lifetime of Fame by Deb Jenny

Last week we talked about luck and I know there might be some people who might look at Deb Lisa, author of Fifteen Minutes of Shame and think, “She’s got all the luck!”Fifteen Minutes of Shame by Lisa Daily

Well, nothing could be further from the truth. Lisa Daily has my boundless respect because she is all about making her own luck by working very hard, using her brain, and did I mention working very hard?

Lisa defines success in this business. She had an idea and she ran with it. She didn’t wait for people to tell her ‘Nope, can’t do it.” Or “Sorry, stupid idea.” Or “Love the idea but don’t know what we’d do with it!” She published her first book, Stop Getting Dumped! All You Need to Know to Make Men Fall Madly in Love with You and Marry “The One” in 3 Years or Less, on her own, marketed the hell out of it, created a demand for it, and the publishing industry then came knocking on her door.

Now comes Fifteen Minutes of Shame, Lisa’s hilarious novel in which a relationship expert discovers on national TV that her husband has been cheating on her. Lisa has left no stone unturned as she prepares to embark on a national book tour. It’s really quite amazing how she achieves so much, considering she’s a mom of young kids and juggles several freelancing jobs on top of the usual wife/mother duties.

A visit to her website will show you how very hard Lisa has worked to earn her success. And on top of everything, she is right in the thick of things, coaching women about relationships and she really knows her stuff! I can tell you from first-hand experience, I put out an SOS recently because someone I knew needed some break-up advice, and Lisa had all the right answers in a matter of minutes. Like a relationship fairy godmother!

Lucky for you all, you will have a chance to read Fifteen Minutes of Shame, and you will be so glad you did. It’s a fun, fast read and you’ll be cheering Darby on as she tackles the big issues and decides what’s most important in her life.

And in the meantime, pay attention to how Lisa masterfully juggles issues, both big and small. She’s earned all of the success she enjoys, beyond a shadow of a doubt!

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  1. Love the website, Lisa. Gah – I should know to try to get my deb books BEFORE launch week because – you’re making me crazy that I can’t read it yet!

  2. Hi all!

    Sorry it’s taken me all day to respond to this fantastic post and wonderful comments!! I’ve been on planes and hanging out in airports and drinking officially sanctioned margaritas at the NYC launch party for 15 Minutes of Shame. Thanks so much — I wish you were all here with me! 🙂



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