For Deb Joanne, It’s Not (just) About The Kugel

My very favorite picture of me and my mom. Look at the mischief in her eyes.

This week’s theme is Mothers, and as I’m writing this, I should be cleaning my house and prepping food for my annual Mother’s Day BBQ—also known in these parts as The May Festival of Moms and Meat.

Unless this is your first Monday here at The Debutante Ball since last summer, you’ve met my mom, Marcia, down in the comments. She’s here pretty much every week, cheering me on.

And because she’s my head cheerleader (I should say co-head cheerleader, because my husband is a pretty excellent cheerleader, too, but his cheering is more of the quiet variety, albeit no less supportive) she’s not just here, commenting on my posts, but she’s out in the community, giving out my business cards and bookmarks and telling EVERYONE SHE KNOWS (and believe me, that’s a lot of people) and people she doesn’t know, about my book and my launch party. She’s the best publicist money didn’t buy and I really appreciate her efforts in getting the word out there*.

That Ms. Cook sure is tall.

But she’s not just a publicist, she’s a generous soul through and through; when I told her Eileen Cook (who neither of us have met in person before) would be in town, touring for Canada Book Week and  would be spending the week living out of a suitcase and off of fast food, she immediately jumped at the opportunity to open her home and welcome Eileen in. She wanted to cook for Eileen so she could have at least one home-cooked meal during her tour. THAT is what great Moms do. Moms open their homes and hearts to you AND your friends because what is important to you, is important to them. And hey, if everyone pigs out eats, even better. So please join me in raising a glass to Marcia Levy, baker of kugel, Joanne Levy Street Team co-captain, Mom extraordinaire and, now that we don’t live together, wonderful friend that I’m so honored to call Mom. Happy Mother’s Day and Birthday (both one day later)! And by the way, if my house wasn’t clean enough for you yesterday, I hope this post makes up for it, because it’s the reason I didn’t clean as much as I probably should have.

Love you, Mom. XOXO



*My dad is an excellent cheerleader, too, but his efforts are more subdued, like my husband’s, and hey we’re talking about Mothers, here. Dads get their turn in June.

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  1. Yay, Marcia! Rah, Rah, Rah!! *\o/* *\o/* *\o/* <--Those are cheerleaders. I though your mom deserved some of her own. 🙂

  2. What a wonderful tribute, Joanne–and we adore Deb Mom Marcia here at the Ball. And I LOVE that picture of you two on your wedding day.

    So today, here’s to you, Deb Mom Marcia, baker of kugel! And a happy belated birthday!!

  3. Wow, (can you believe it I am speechless, along with the tears fowing down my face).

    This is the best Mother’s Day and Birthday gift I have ever ever received. You are the best daughter a Mother could ask for, thank you so much and I love you more than words can say.

    Deb’s I salute you, your the best and thank you for the good wishes.

    Short comments this week as I cannot see past the tears to write more. Um, maybe one more thing, it was wonderful to have Eileen for dinner, and what do you think of the beautiful picture of my daughter at her wedding (oh yeh and me to)

    1. Aw, Mom, I didn’t mean to make you cry. Okay, maybe a little for those times when you would brush my long, tangled hair before school. 😀
      p.s. hope you had enough to eat yesterday -seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  4. Marcia- she totally wanted to make you cry. In a good way. Allow me to raise an extra glass and say in addition to being an all around great cheerleader- Joanne’s mom is a seriously fine cook. You all should come up with an excuse to be in Ontario. Heck, there might still be leftovers if you hurry.


  5. I couldn’t agree more. Deb mom Marcia, aka Bubby, aka Auntie M is truly one of a kind. BTW, tears are flowing here too…but mostly cause I missed the chocolate cheesecake.

    1. Tammy, you win the “who can make Joanne spit out her tea all over her monitor?” award. There will be opportunities to have chocolate cheesecake in the near future-hang in there. 😀

  6. I just want to say Joanne your mom is everything you say and more . she is an amazing lady and I am so please to know her.. And I have been passing out your bookmarks also. Can’t wait to read the book.. Congrats to you . I wish you all the best..

  7. Joanne, dear
    You are the luckiest girl
    to have a Mom like Marcia!
    She is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met!
    Joanne, what a tribute! You brought me to tears as well!
    I am so happy for Marcia, and you… and you are pride of her life!
    Love your wedding picture!!!
    Wishing you best of the best!

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