Get Clocky! Time To Write with Deb Kim.

When do I find time to write? Never. When do I make time to write? When motivated by gallons of coffee, a deadline or a fit of writerly inspiration that simply can not wait. Overall, I prefer to write in the morning while the kids are in school. Every so often I’ll take my laptop to bed, but I really dislike not having the mouse at my right hand – my extra appendage – I’m new to a laptop, believe it or not.

I tend to write my best non-fic from an emotional barrage of ideas. Something in the news ticks me off royally and off I go submitting a piece to Huffington Post in my own huff. Or a fictional character taps me on the shoulder and says, “Hey, I really need to get out of your head and onto paper, Kim.”

That little guy in the photo is called “Clocky.”  I first saw him at MoMa in New York. We all chase time, but with Clocky (which is so annoying as to almost sound like Colicky, appropriately enough) time chases YOU! He’s like R2D2 on crack. I’m thinking of getting one to remind me when to start writing.

4 Replies to “Get Clocky! Time To Write with Deb Kim.”

  1. I’ve been using laptops for almost 20 years, but I still can’t stand the mice on them. I always have an external mouse.

    I tend to think of myself as more of a carrot than a stick person when it comes to getting things done (including writing!), but maybe Clocky would really motivate me to do the things I won’t wanna do!

  2. LOL! Clocky would last about two minutes around me before I stomped to bits, I’m afraid. Either that, or I’d trip over him and break my neck. Not very conducive to writing, that. 😉

  3. OK, I love clocky.

    I’m with you — never underestimate the DEADLINE to make me work!

    Right now I’m having Miss M play with Legos while I desperately scramble for a deadline of… what time is it now?

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