News Flash! Sunday July 6

Deb News

Deb Gail received her first review in Publishers Weekly!! In part it says: “In this heartfelt memoir, Baker proves to be both humorous… and compassionate.” For the full review go here!

Deb Danielle has also received a review for Falling Under this week, from Romantic Times. “”[A] dark, complex tale of an artist’s agoraphobia, lust and personal demons . . . a very real character readers will care for.”

Friends of Deb News

The Oppressor, aka Deb Danielle’s husband, Michael Wacholtz, received great reviews for Kalvin the Great, the show he wrote and directed at the Toronto Fringe Festival which opened this week. Now Magazine gives Kalvin 3 Ns (equivalent of stars) and Eye Magazine gives it 4 stars and says it “breathes new life into the dubious concept of edutainment.” The Oppressor also directed Elyne Quan’s Trust at the Toronto Fringe which Eye Magazine called “intriguingly tight and twisting.” Congratulations, Oppressor!

Debs are Reading
Deb Jenny is loving Julie Buxbaum’s The Opposite of Love.

Deb Gail is reading the arc of Kris Riggle’s debut novel Happy Families… wow!

6 Replies to “News Flash! Sunday July 6”

  1. Congratulations, Michael, now there will be two of you (in the household) to celebrate this month!

    And I absolutely loved THE OPPOSITE OF LOVE! Enjoy, Jenny.

  2. Thanks Jennie and Larramie. I actually have to perform the role of Kalvin tomorrow, so perhaps Danielle will update next week on how I did. Thanks for the News Flash Dani!!!


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