Critique Partners: The Secret to Writing Success


New writers often ask about the secret to being a successful author, the steps needed to get their book out in the wild. They want the shortcut, the one piece of infallible advice that if they follow religiously will guarantee an agent and a book deal. Well, dear reader, there isn’t such secret, but the…
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News Flash: Catch up with the Debs & a giveaway!


Congratulations to Jennifer Huelsebusch, winner of BEFORE I GO by our very own Deb Colleen Oakley! Check back next Sunday for this week’s winner of FIRST FROST by bestselling guest author Sarah Addison Allen …     From the 2015 Debs: Colleen Oakley is home after the first leg of her tour for BEFORE I GO….
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Sarah Addison Allen on writing, her childhood “dream” career & a FIRST FROST giveaway!


I was first charmed by Sarah Addison Allen’s writing and how effortlessly she weaves magic through her stories when I picked up her 2007 debut, GARDEN SPELLS. It’s the story of the Waverley sisters — Claire and Sydney — two women with a curious family history, peculiar mystical ‘gifts,’ and a magical apple tree in…
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The BIG Habit I’m Busting in 2015


New year! New resolutions! It’s happening this year, baby! Why are you laughing? OK, resolutions are tough and pretty useless. So I’m thinking of things a little differently this year. I’ve been thinking a lot about habits because I read this amazing book: The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg It’s about breaking down your…
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Good Habits, Bad Habits, and David Bowie


This weekend I revisited the 1986 movie, Labyrinth, starring David Bowie, a young Jennifer Connelly, and a slew of Jim Henson muppets. As a young teen, I rented this movie many times, but Adult Me couldn’t remember what I loved so much about it. To my delight, Netflix had it in the current streaming lineup, so…
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