Speaking of Distractions…

I totally forgot to write my blog post yesterday. This isn’t a bit. I was distracted by life and day job and eight million other things and totally freaking spaced. So definitely listen to what I’m about to tell you. Writing has never been an act of perfection for me. I write messy first drafts and carve moments out of my life wherever I can find them to get words…


Julie’s Three Easy Steps to Writing Through Distraction

My entire life is a distraction. From the moment my children wake up in the morning to the moment they fall asleep, it seems their sole goal in life is to make sure I never complete a task from start-to-finish without being called away from it at least once. When it comes to (“There is a spider in the bathroom and no one can pee until you get it”) writing,…


When Kimmery Gets Distracted

  Today’s topic is Writing Through Distraction, which I feel eminently qualified to discuss because my God, it is freakishly cold in here. I think my hand just fell off. Where did I put those fingerless gloves and the little ski-package hand warmer thingies? The key to writing through the inevitable maelstrom of carnage that will occur as you are trying to finish your assignment is holy smoke! Modern Mrs….


Writing Through Distractions of the Small Child Variety

My emergence as a writer and a mother occurred nearly simultaneously—I was suddenly flooded with stories when I was pregnant with my second child, and my oldest was two years old. Writing for me has always involved coping with distractions of the small child variety.  Yet, I earned two college degrees and wrote over one thousand pages while mothering two small creatures over nearly a decade, and I like to…


[News Flash] January 7, 2018

Thank you so much to yesterday’s guest, Katherine Locke! If you haven’t already, enter the #DebBallGiveaway to win a copy of The Girl With The Red Balloon. You can enter by sharing our post on Facebook and/or retweeting the following tweet: Interview with Katherine Locke (@bibliogato) + Giveaway of THE GIRL WITH THE RED BALLOON https://t.co/OaUKQqEld6 pic.twitter.com/Xj6APn4tMu — The Debutante Ball (@DebutanteBall) January 6, 2018 News from the 2018 Debs:  …


Interview with Katherine Locke + Giveaway of THE GIRL WITH THE RED BALLOON

I am delighted to introduce YA & NA author Katherine Locke to the Debutante Ball! Katherine and I have been Twitter-friends for quite some time now, and our publishing journeys started around the same time. I’ve long admired Katherine for how outspoken, tenacious, and brave they are on the social and political matters that are important to them. In addition to writing, Katherine also offers editing services, which you can learn…


Resolving to Let Go

Happy New Year, y’all! Let’s hope it’s better than the shit-show of a year that was 2017, yeah?   As I thought about resolutions this year, a brilliant friend of mine said something that really stuck with me. Instead of resolving to do, she lets go. And that is a practice I very much want to adopt. Because, my friends,I have been dropping the ball lately. Dropping the ball on beta reads, dropping…


Kimmery’s 2018 Writing Resolution Checklist

  I typically don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, on the theory that I’m more of a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants girl (a pantser, as we dorks say in writing parlance). However, I’ve been assigned the topic of resolutions so I’d better acquire some, stat. In the interest of making other writers feel better about themselves, I’m going to be brutally honest.   Writing: Ideal: Finish Novel-In-Progress. Achievable: Finish current chapter. Keeping It Real:…

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