News Flash–Deb in Progress Edition


  Check back next week, where we will announce the winner of this weeks giveaway–Connie Mayo’s THE ISLAND OF WORTHY BOYS   From the 2016 Debs: Louise Miller is off in launch party planning daydreams (and knee-deep in emails to venues and caterers.) Jennifer S. Brown is working on lining up speakings and readings. If you’d like…
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Partnership Publishing: A Guest Post by Connie Mayo + Giveaway

Island of Worthy Boys novel cover

Connie Mayo is not just a fabulous writer, but she’s an amazing supporter of other writers. Connie and I continually run into each other at readings in the Boston area. I was so impressed by her that I picked up her debut novel, THE ISLAND OF WORTHY BOYS, and was immediately swept away. The writing…
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This is My Brain on the Internet


Social media is killing me. It’s rotting my brain from the inside. Not just social media, actually, but the entire internet. That may seem like hyperbole, but right now I’m feeling pretty damned overwhelmed by the vast rabbit-hole-ness of what’s flying around on invisible waves of data and crashing into my consciousness every time I…
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Social Media as Competitive Sport

Social Media Chaos

Social media is about being connected, staying in touch with old friends, finding out what’s happening in the world. Unless, like me, you’re a competitive soul. In which case it’s a matter of keeping one step ahead of, well, honestly, my husband. Yes, yes, I profess to only be competitive with myself. And for the…
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The Wonderful World of Social Media


I love social media. In the space of five minutes I can see what a high-school pal is up to, find out the latest real-time information about what is going on in my neighborhood, be inspired by an artist I have never heard of, talk to an author I admire, check out who is reading…
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News Flash–Snowmageddon Edition


  Congratulations to Kate Pearson, winner of BELLWEATHER RHAPSODY BY Kate Racculia! Check back next week, where we will announce the winner of this weeks giveaway–THE GIRL WHO FELL FROM THE SKY by Heidi Durrow!   From the 2016 Debs: Louise Miller turned in her final edits, along with her dedication and acknowledgments this week. There was celebration…
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