News Flash: Book launches, Copyedits, Pitch contests, and new additions!


Check back next Sunday to find out who won the copy of Accidents of Marriage, by guest author Randy Susan Meyers! From the 2015 Debs… Colleen Oakley is making great progress on book two, despite some wicked morning sickness. Congrats, Colleen, on your latest bundle of joy, due to launch springtime 2015! Amy E. Reichert…
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Randy Susan Meyers On “Shots of Joy” + GIVEAWAY of Accidents of Marriage

Accidents of Marriage

Please welcome Randy Susan Meyers to the Ball this week! I met the brilliant — and lovely! — Randy Sue Meyers at a conference a few years ago, where she was sharing her wise words and marketing experience with a roomful of authors who fretted over marketing. I also picked up the fabulous marketing how-to…
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Take Three: Come Away with Me


Today is my first post as a 2015 Deb and I’m a bundle of nervous excitement. Sure, it’s also back to school for the mini (who is starting grade one and handling it much better than I am), and I have some fairly prickly deadlines looming, which explain the nerves. But I’m also psyched I’m…
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The making of my first (but not really first) novel: Before I Go

Tequila: the key to novel writing (or at least dealing with rejection)

Hi! I’m Colleen, the first 2015 Deb to kick off this new season on the Ball. And I have a confession: Before I Go is not my first novel. (Whoa. I know — you weren’t expecting that kind of bombshell on a Monday morning. My apologies.) My first novel is languishing on my Mac desktop,…
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News Flash: Keeping in Touch with the Deb Class of 2014


This isn’t a final goodbye, but a fare-thee-well until we next meet online (or maybe in person!). And, this probably isn’t news to anyone: We’re going to miss being Debs and miss all of you. Keep in touch by bookmarking the individual blogs of all the 2014 Debs: Lisa Alber has just reprised her blog….
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