Characters, Surprises, Happiness, Advice: Lori Rader-Day Sits in the Guest Chair to Launch THE BLACK HOUR + GIVEAWAY


So here I am in the red Deb Ball chair. Putting up my Chucks. (I always sit cross-legged, like a five-year-old.) Comfy. Are we allowed wine in the chair? Why not, right. Might as well celebrate. This week has been the culmination of so many years of dreaming (and then finally doing something about it)….
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No Ping Pong Here: Dual Points of View in The Black Hour


Tackling more than one point of view is a difficult thing to do well, for any author. It’s especially difficult for a debut author. And when the points of view are of opposite genders… well, let’s just say that a first-time novelist might be biting off more than she can chew, getting in over her…
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News Flash: News, the Shh! Kind and the !!!! Kind


Congrats to Carol who won a signed copy of CRIME RIB from Leslie Budewitz! From the 2014 Debs… Lisa Alber adopted a sweet Chihuahua / terrier mix from the Oregon Humane Society. Her name is Fawn, and if you didn’t catch Friday’s blog post, you can see pictures of her here. Back to her writing routines…
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Rebellion Means Not Writing This Blog Post + Check Out My New Pup!


Today of all days, we commemorate how acts of rebellion can lead to independence. Happy birthday to our country. I’m grateful to have grown up without civil wars, repressive regimes, famine, and disease. Our country’s not perfect, but, hey, it’s good to be here, right? And, today, I’m rebelling by not writing a proper blog…
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