Tracey Garvis Graves on being a homebody, an early bird, and a self-publishing success story + GIVEAWAY!


We are so excited to welcome Tracey Garvis Graves to the Ball this week! New York Times Bestselling author of five books and counting, Tracey has two releases this fall — one being Every Time I Think of You, which features a dashing, chivalrous crime reporter as the hero. Here’s the blurb: Thirty-year-old Daisy DiStefano…
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The Best Call That Came At The Worst Time


Last February sucked — along with the kiddo and I contracting that crazy swine flu that kept me in bed for a week, I was still recovering from bad news about a potential offer, and then our beloved labradoodle, Quincy, died. Not to mention we were still buried deep under ice, snow, and frigid winter…
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The Call, the Conversation, and the Corgis


This week we’re discussing THE CALL, be it an offer of representation from an agent or our agent calling with a book deal. I’m not one of those writers where everything happened in a whirlwind. It was slow, it was painful, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way (well, maybe that’s not quiet…
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News Flash: Reviews, WIPs & Celebrations!


Congratulations to Carrie Mansfield, winner of the signed copy of BETWEEN by guest author Megan Whitmer! Check back next Sunday for the winner of THE MOMENT OF EVERYTHING, by this week’s guest author — and fellow Deb —  Shelly King…   From the 2015 Debs… Colleen Oakley flew to the brrrrrrrrrrrr state of Minnesota (OK, it was…
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The embarrassing story at the heart of The Moment of Everything


A lot of people ask me what inspired the story of The Moment of Everything. The answer isn’t easy. It’s a lot of different things, but I think if I had to pinpoint one thing, it’d have to be my obsession with finding things in old books. And that’s kind of an embarrassing story. I was…
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My five favorite things about my book


I love how all the other Debs decided to write about their five favorite things in The Moment of Everything this week. It’s been fun to see who liked what the best in the book. I haven’t known the other Debs for long, but already I feel so close to them. I could read each…
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Okay, so it’s been a few weeks now since one Shelly King had her awesome debut — and she’s been busy traveling the globe and signing copies of the beloved tome for her adoring public. (Or maybe just chilling at home and marveling at being a PUBLISHED AUTHOR who can now work on the sofa…
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