Enjoying the Ride by Deb Eileen

When I was 9 I couldn’t wait to be 10 because then I would be double digits which as anyone would tell you is far better than single digits. When I was 10 I wanted to be 13 because then I would be a “real” teenager and thus party to all the fun that Seventeen magazine promised me: boys, lipgloss and the much hoped for arrival of boobs. When I…


News Flash!

Cyber Debs! Tish Cohen’s new website is LIVE! Do foxtrot on over! Let’s go to the movies! We’re getting in line to see Town House, because Deb Tish reports that the screenplay, written by Doug Wright, is in, Fox and Scott Free Productions are happy with it, and they are now searching for a director! Support The Arts! Cover art that is, check out Anna David’s brand-spankin’ new cover for…


House Arrest by Deb Tish

I’m posting off-topic. Mostly because the whole growing up thing seems to have skipped me. I think I should probably be arrested. And you can’t arrest me without arresting my husband, because he’s every bit as guilty. We have this twisted little obsession. We’re in love with a house nearby and every evening, now matter which way we head; we bend our power walk in the direction of this place…


Growing Up By Deb Anna

Adulthood has come more slowly to me than I believe it does to most. I was the girl who was absolutely flummoxed when college was ending and everyone was going off to their grown-up careers with job titles I couldn’t even understand (and still can’t — am I the only one who couldn’t tell you what the hell, say, a systems analyst does?). I didn’t understand how and when everyone…


The Odd Talent of Jonathan by Deb Kristy

Oh, the odd talents I have! Circuses have come beating on my door, Ripley’s calls weekly, neighborhood kids run screaming. But I have to keep up some sort of mystique, and so I’m going off-topic this week. What is so fascinating that I have to leave you all hanging, wondering about my odd talents? Survivor. But first, let me tell you that I am not the reality TV blogger on…



The Debutantes are dancing like mad this week: Debutante Review! Publisher’s Weekly says Debutante Mia King’s Good Things (February 9, 2007) has a “plucky protagonist;” a tale of a “domestic diva” who goes “from princess to pauper” with an ending that “will please…!”  Guest Blog! Debutante Kristy Kiernan has the great honor of being the guest at Murderati, as well as Killer Year, this Friday, Dec. 1, 2006. Drop by and say hello so…

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