Interview with Julie Pennell + #DebBallGiveaway of THE YOUNG WIVES CLUB

We are in for such a treat! I am so happy to welcome Julie Pennell as our special guest on The Debutante Ball today. Originally from the south, Julie is a fellow New Yorker, a wonderful writer, and the author of one of my favorite books THE YOUNG WIVES CLUB. I devoured Julie’s book over…
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Summer Re-Reading With Deb Eleanor

The Weird Sisters, by Eleanor BrownI was recently on a panel at the South Carolina Book Festival where our topic was “Great Summer Reads.”

At the outset, I mused that there is no corollary to the summer read. No one ever says, “Hey! This’ll make a great winter read!”

I think this is all due to the way we set up our educational system. Because we grew up with summers off from school, those months still give us a feeling of decadence. Of hedonism. And yes, the weather is lovely and the days are long and the sprinklers and Popsicles are cold and the gardens overflow with flowers. But our association of all those things with vacations means they are even sweeter.

For me, summer is a time to re-read some of my favorite books. I’m not a big re-reader, but I generally read these books in the summer:

Gone With the Wind

The Stand

The Lords of Discipline (often followed by The Prince of Tides)

Evening Class (sometimes followed by Tara Road)

To Kill a Mockingbird

This summer I’ve set myself an additional challenge – I want to re-read the Little House on the Prairie series.

Do you have any summer reading goals or favorite re-reads?


Deb Elise Will Get Sand In Any Spine

Making WavesI’ve got to be honest — I don’t get the whole “beach read” thing.

By that I don’t mean that I won’t take a book to the beach.  On the contrary, I will ALWAYS take a book to the beach… or to the movies (time before the movie starts), or to the supermarket (checkout lines!), or anywhere and everywhere else I go.

What I don’t get is why any book would be more “beach worthy” than another.  My most recent “beach reads” were Stephen King’s On Writing, Stephen King’s Under the Dome, and Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project (all of which accompanied me to Hawaii back in April); as well as our own Tawna Fenske’s fantastic Making Waves (which just accompanied me to Disneyland and Palm Springs).  I didn’t bring those books because they were any more or less fun than others (although Tawna’s book was insanely fun — more on that during her debut week), I brought them because they were what I was reading at the time.  When I was reading The Battle for America 2008 by Dan Balz and Hayes Johnson, I brought that to the beach.  Same when I was reading Cultural Amnesia by Clive James.  Whatever I’m reading, light or heavy, it comes with me to the beach, and I’m thrilled to have it there.

Are you with me on this?  Are you happy to bring any book you’re reading to the beach, or do you prefer a specific genre to keep you entertained as you bask in the sun?  Pass the sunscreen, then let me know!

~ Deb Elise