News Flash: Writing those pesky second books and more

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Congratulations to Jennifer, winner of our #DebBallGiveaway of THE DISTANCE HOME by Orly Konig. We were thrilled to have former Deb Aya De Leon as our guest yesterday. If you haven’t already, pick up a copy of THE BOSS or enter to win a copy by sharing our post on Facebook and/or retweeting the following tweet: RT to Enter! Interview w/ @AyadeLeon and #DebBallGiveaway of #TheBoss! — The Debutante Ball (@DebutanteBall) June 3, 2017 News…


Writing While Female Or: No Boys Allowed?

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Who run the world? Girls (girls) Who run the world? Girls (girls) -Beyoncé Knowles To preface this post, let me tell you a little about my home life: My family is made up of four large men, my husband and my three sons (ages 17, 20, and 23). And I have a boy dog. My apartment is buzzing with male energy and male smells. Boxers fill the laundry baskets and oversized…


Lucky coffee? That’s totally a thing.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I could never, ever discount the role that luck played in the publication of my book, SMALL ADMISSIONS. Of course, I believe in hard work (meaning writing, writing, writing, and then revising, revising, revising) above all else. The hours of editing are certainly, in my opinion, the single most important part of getting a book to the level of being publishable. But at the end of the day, certain things…


Sitting Down with a Big Five Editor

Thursday, March 9, 2017

This week we’re asking industry experts to answer the many questions that we debut writers have as we get started in the publishing industry. So, I’d like to introduce you all to Bess Cozby, editor for Tor Books, an imprint of Macmillan, and more importantly (to me at least), I’d like to introduce you to my amazing editor. I’m extremely fortunate to be working with this gal, folks, and today she’ll be…


To My Non-Publishing Friends: No, My Book Can’t Just Come Out Tomorrow :)

Thursday, December 1, 2016

This week the Debs are writing about our experience of time: time writing books and the publishing timeline. After Thanksgiving and the inevitable book-related questions, it became even more clear to me that my non-publishing friends and family know very little about my journey to publication. That’s no fault to them. Why should they know the ins and outs of my industry? I’ll be honest that I knew very little before beginning my…


When Not to Query

Monday, January 18, 2016

A funny thing happens when you finish your manuscript and you are ready to begin your search for representation. Suddenly you are required to make the giant leap from artist to businessperson–someone who can write a sharp query letter and pitch their work with ease. When I entered this phase of my writing career, I did what I always do when I’m faced with a new writing task, and spent…


Lori Nelson Spielman on SWEET FORGIVENESS, Perseverance, & a Giveaway!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

One of the most amazing things about joining the wild world of publishing is how much support I’ve received, especially from “been there, done that, have learned some stuff” authors who have kindly shared their time and wisdom. And international bestselling author Lori Nelson Spielman is at the top of that list — I’m convinced “author cheerleader” is her part-time job 🙂 Along with being a lovely person, Lori is…


A Fun Interview with Literary Agent Elizabeth Kracht: Keanu, Cocktails, and Puerto Rico

Friday, April 11, 2014

I’m excited to introduce you to agent extraordinaire Elizabeth Kracht of Kimberley Cameron & Associates. I met Liz at the Book Passage Mystery Conference three years ago. She’s the kind of agent you want for a 1-on-1 pitch session because she’s approachable and easy going and fun. She’s also the kind of agent you want for an agent because of her enthusiasm and business sense. She’s just cool. I like…


ROSEMARY HARRIS Talks Switching Genres and Debuting Again + Double THE BITCHES OF BROOKLYN Giveaway!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

We’re excited to welcome Rosemary Harris, whose latest novel, THE BITCHES OF BROOKLYN, has been called “smart, sassy, and sophisticated.” After writing four successful traditional mysteries, Rosemary has taken the exciting plunge into a new genre and publishing journey. Don’t you just love the title, The Bitches of Brooklyn? Be intrigued, be very, very intrigued by this description: Are they really bitches? That depends who you ask…Rachel, Clare, Tina and…


My Adventures in Book Publishing, or, the Schlub I Was

Friday, November 8, 2013

This week we’re talking about the writing biz. What could be more in the biz than working in New York City at one of the Big 5? This I did, though well before the major players got gobbled up and consolidated into the Big 5. I’d previously worked in South America in international finance. (Seriously? Yep.) I wore boxy business suits and discovered that I sucked at numbers. By the…