Pro-Tips: How To Name Your Characters

Are you struggling to come up with cool, original names for your characters? Here are some solutions. If you’re writing about your family members and you don’t want them to know, switch their names around. For example, if you have a husband named David and a dog named Tucker, reverse them. Have a toxic ex-boyfriend…
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Crabby Abby, Flabby Abby, Gabby Abby: What’s in a name?

My birth certificate reads Abagail Katherine Fabiaschi. People often ask about the unique spelling of my first name, but there’s no story there; it was just how my mom thought the world spelled Abigail. Our last name posed the greater challenge. I was raised overhearing one side of frustrating conversations with company representatives: “F like Frank,…
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Character Naming (or, How To Justify Hours on the Internet…)

When I was growing up, I fantasized about being named…Nancy. Or Cathy. For real. Those were the names I coveted because I wanted to blend in with the Tiffanys and Susans and Lauras peppered throughout my middle grade life, not stand out as the one and only Karma. And Boy George cursing bringing the world…
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