Ask a Book Publicity Expert!

This week we’re asking publishing industry experts to answer the many questions that we debut writers have as we get our careers started as published authors. For my post, I’ve decided to focus on the hard work of in-house publicists. I’ve asked publicists who work at two of the big five publishing houses to help me…
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NewsFlash: The Debs are at their desks and on the road!

Congratulations to Kathy Roberts, winner of our #DebBallGiveaway of Lynn Hall’s CAGED EYES: AN AIR FORCE CADET’S STORY OF RAPE AND RESILIENCE We send our thanks to Jennifer Latham for being our guest yesterday on The Debutante Ball. If you haven’t already, pick up a copy of DREAMLAND BURNING or retweet the following tweet to enter to win a hardcover copy! Interview with Jennifer Latham + #DebBallGiveaway of #DreamlandBurning!…
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NewsFlash! Deb Party Weekend!

Congratulations to Krysti from YA & Wine, winner of our #DebBallGiveaway of Tiffany D. Jackson’s ALLEGEDLY! We send our thanks to our very own Abby Fabiaschi for being our guest yesterday on The Debutante Ball. If you haven’t already, pick up a copy of I LIKED MY LIFE. Or you can enter to win a signed hardcover…
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It’s Pub Day!! And I Like My Life, even the sad parts

HAPPY PUB DAY, ABBY! Big congratulations to our very own 2016 Deb Abby Fabiaschi on the release of her wonderful debut novel, I LIKED MY LIFE. I loved every page of this poignant family drama; it is a thought-provoking, sad, important book about love and loss and how one picks up the pieces to move…
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Interview with DEB Tiffany Jackson + #DebBallGiveaway of ALLEGEDLY

I am so thrilled to present fellow Debutante Tiffany Jackson, author of the newly launched YA novel ALLEGEDLY, to the guest chair. I’m so fortunate that Tiffany lives in New York, as I have had the opportunity to meet her in person, share a drink (or two), and get to know this lovely, smart, fabulous author. I read…
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Lady in Waiting

“Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.” – Groucho Marx Writers, especially debut writers, universally agree that the pacing of the publishing world is glacial. There have been many times I’ve thought the day would never come that my book would hit the shelves. Like I’ve actually worried I might die of old age…
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Bonnie Parker: Promised the American Dream but Given the Great Depression

I’m very excited for my inaugural post, and for the opportunity to introduce myself and my debut novel, Becoming Bonnie. So, Hi, I’m Jenni, kid wrangler by day and author by night. And, as you may’ve guessed from the title, my novel is about Bonnie Parker, as in half of the infamous Bonnie and Clyde…
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Celebrity Chefs, an Ancient Gourmand and a Set of Immortal Knives

I’ve been following The Debutante Ball since its inception a decade ago. I had always dreamed of being a Deb and I’m extra excited to be the first blogger to kick off the 2017 Debutante Ball. On behalf of the new Debutantes, I want to extend a huge THANK YOU to the 2016 Debs for…
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