It’s your LAUNCH PARTY. Don’t fuck it up.

  Amy’s Launch Party Dos and Don’ts Notify the bookstore in advance that you’re planning to have your launch there. They tend to be real party-poopers when you just show up with a margarita machine,a fajita grill, and a Mariachi band. Don’t go to someone else’s launch expecting to be able to co-host it. That…
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Making Tons of Money Writing Fiction? Or “The Case of the Missing Advance”

CAST OF CHARACTERS Scott: An accountant. Hair parted neatly to one side, slightly awkward, mid-thirties, three-piece suit. Anne: A writer. Early fifties, wearing cute jeans and a jacket, an expensive but worn handbag. Her roots need attention. Scott sits at a desk in his generic office. Anne knocks on the door.   Anne: Hello?   Scott: Hi,…
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Time for Spring… and the Deb Ball News Flash!

Congratulations to Nancy Harris, winner of our #DebBallGiveaway of FOLLOW ME DOWN by Sherri Smith. News from the 2017 Debs Tiffany D. Jackson is writing, writing, writing! Crystal King has lost her voice due to illness and is rather annoyed that Alexa won’t turn on the lights for her because it can’t hear/understand her. But this means she won’t be…
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Gratification Now! A Self-Care Guide

Whenever I think about caring for oneself, I always remember the well-known, highly effective parenting technique that I utilized with my own kids, called Gratification Now. It works really well. And teaches wonderful, life-long lessons. The idea is that whenever you’re feeling depleted, low, sad, tired, hungry, or have a need of any kind, just…
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Wondering What Your Kid Is Saying To That Nice Interviewer?

And there you are, sitting in the waiting area, while your 9-year-old son Steven is off interviewing with the head of admissions from Milton Middle School. You’re trying to wait patiently, but you can’t help wondering, “What will he talk about if I’m not there to prod him along? Will he stick to good topics? Will he ask interesting questions?” Meanwhile, in the admissions…
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News Flash: Busy Week for the Debs – From Ultramarathons to Open Mics

Congratulations to Theresa Snyder for winning a copy of THE ASSISTANTS by  Camille Perri!  We send our thanks to Anjali Mitter Duva for being our guest on The Debutante Ball yesterday! If you haven’t already, please pick up a copy of her novel FAINT PROMISE OF RAIN.  You can still enter the GIVEAWAY: RETWEET on Twitter, and/or SHARE on Facebook by noon (EST) September…
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I love a book that makes me laugh, especially if it’s nerdy humor. I love a book with books in it – it’s kind of meta and that appeals to my oddly working mind. I love book people from every walk of life. I love grand romantic gestures. So basically, I loved Shelly’s book THE…
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Deb Susan is Surprised by Ninja Turkeys

Let me begin by saying I don’t live in the country. My house lies in a fully residential suburb of Sacramento, California – sidewalks, urban sprawl, you get the idea.

Which is why it came as such a surprise one evening when my son looked out the window and said, “Mom … there are turkeys in the yard.”

“Real turkeys?”  I asked. “As in – birds?”

(I thought maybe he meant local teenagers acting up – it hadn’t happened before but you never know.)

“Yes Mom. Turkeys. Big ones, too.”

I ran for the window and then for my camera (technically, my iPad because I didn’t have an iPhone yet at the time). Sure enough, a trio of toms had invaded the yard and started hunting for grubs. They stuck around for half an hour and wandered off down the sidewalk.

Two weeks later, I woke up and wandered into the kitchen for coffee – only to find a three-foot female turkey staring at me through the sliding door in the great room. (Note: this is actually far more startling than it sounds – that door leads to the fenced backyard.) By the time I grabbed my camera, Peeping Tom-asina and her babies had wandered off to the other side of the backyard – and my smallest cat, Oobie, was watching them from the window. As with the previous ninja turkeys, the family stayed about half an hour and departed for parts unknown.

This is NOT what I expected when I moved to Sacramento.


Three weeks ago, on one of the hottest days of the summer, I was driving home from work when I spotted Mom Turkey and her babies – now almost grown – walking down the sidewalk a block from my house. They seemed perfectly comfortable, except for the 110-degree heat, and when I pulled over to take some pictures they sauntered into a yard and stood underneath a tree – completely unfazed by my presence.

In fact, one of the babies wandered up to look at my truck while I was looking at him.

Apparently, the Sacramento suburbs are home to wandering tribes of ninja turkeys, capable of appearing and disappearing at will. I’m not complaining. There’s something about turkeys that appeals to my sense of humor, and their off-and-on visits (with no sign of them in between) is a surprise I’ve already learned to appreciate.

Have you ever seen wildlife in an unexpected place? What would you do if you found a turkey ogling you through the window? Hop to the comments. I’d love to hear.