Jenni L. Walsh is ‘Bonnelyn’ from BECOMING BONNIE

This week, for my launch of BECOMING BONNIE (!!!), I’ve asked each of my Deb sisters to take a quiz that tells them which member of the Bonnie and Clyde’s gang they are. Now, it’s my turn! And…. I’m…. And, I gotta say, I think this is pretty spot on. I’m a church-going gal and, if…
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I LIKED MY LIFE Makes Us Think About Life

It’s a big week for Abby Fabiaschi. By now, you should know… it’s her launch week! Abby rocked it as a Deb last year, but when her publication date did a dance from 2016 to 2017, we wanted to make sure she had a full debut with us. So this week, our posts are aligning with…
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So, We’re All In Agreement; ALLEGEDLY is Amazing

This week, we’re celebrating the release of ALLEGEDLY by our very own Tiffany D. Jackson. If you haven’t yet read Crystal, Amy, or Lynn‘s posts, please do so. They are great and this book deserves every second of attention. And, that’s not just me saying so, though I did have this to say about the…
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Deb Susan Loves What THE GLASS WIVES Says About Family

When I read THE GLASS WIVES, I found myself moved by Deb Amy’s writing, drawn to her protagonist (Evie) and emotionally involved in the story and its outcome. I read the book in a single day, which is testament to Deb Amy’s writing and  character-development skills. Deb Amy’s novel took me on an emotional roller-coaster in which I alternately pulled for Evie’s happiness and shared in her frustrations.

But most of all, I was attracted to Evie Glass’s love for her family and her dedication to preserving it — even when “family” suddenly meant something very different than what Evie might have chosen for herself.

Glass Wives_final cover

THE GLASS WIVES made me examine my own definition of family and ask myself “how far would I go to ensure the well-being of the people I love.” It also made me consider (yet again) how “family” means something different to every person, and yet none of those definitions is “wrong.” For some, “family” may include only parents and children, while for others it encompasses friends, lovers, cousins, and many others with whom we choose to share our lives.

And yet, for every person, the “family” is a foundation of incomparable importance.

Robert Frost once said that “Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.” Deb Amy’s novel demonstrates that concept … and shows how very powerful a mother’s love can be.

I’m not as strong a woman as Evie Glass.  Had I been faced with the situation Evie faces — an ex-husband’s second wife, showing up at the door with her baby in tow, asking to move in and share my life — I’d have told her to hit the road. And yet, as I followed Evie’s journey through THE GLASS WIVES, I came to realize that Evie’s ability to re-define “family” for her children’s benefit (and, ultimately, her own) gives her a special strength and a level of class that I now aspire to attain.

I’ve always believed that the definition of family is both individual and vitally important. THE GLASS WIVES brings that concept – and the costs of placing a family’s needs over the individual’s desires – front and center. And although the journey isn’t always an easy one for Evie Glass, she handles the twists and turns with strength and well-written grace.

How important is your family? Would you be willing to open your heart and home to someone you didn’t initially consider a likely friend?




When I first heard about Deb Kerry’s novel, BETWEEN, the fantasy lover in me rejoiced. I’ve loved fantasy and sci-fi all my life, and BETWEEN sounded great.

Then I heard about the penguin.

In fairness, I have a *thing* for penguins. Always have. I can spend hours in the penguin exhibit at Sea World or the zoo. The Madagascar CT900254x_peach_gummy_penguinspenguins are my Firefox theme. And all my life, I’ve found it cruel that gummy penguins only come in peach (I don’t like peach candy…).

BETWEEN’s protagonist, Vivian, grows up with a special dreamcatcher. It has a penguin in the center. When she finds her way into the Between, she learns that her totem penguin is real … and very much alive.

His name is Poe. (I won’t spoil the surprise and tell you why.)

Poe becomes Vivian’s loyal and lovingly awkward companion, and his presence is an unusual, entertaining, and refreshing take on the fantasy concept of animal companions. (My favorite line in the book has to do with Poe, but I don’t want to spoil it for you.)

13B RPUnlike the typical “lions, tigers and bears” (oh, my!) Poe is a penguin. A real penguin. He doesn’t talk, or have magical superpowers.

He can’t even fly.

And yet, he still manages to help Vivian and to make her stronger than she was alone. He’s also remarkably communicative and endearing.

Poe is my favorite character in BETWEEN – a fantastic book that left me looking forward to a sequel. (Yes, I got my copy early. Yes, you should be jealous.)

But how does a penguin do this? I hear you asking. How does a feathered bowling pin help Vivian save the day?

You already know my answer, right?

You’ll have to read the book and find out for yourself.

What’s the most unusual hero’s “sidekick” you’ve ever read about? Do you like penguins? Have you seen Kerry’s friend the #RandomPenguin on Twitter? (If not, go search his hashtag…it’s well worth seeing.)

Kerry and I would love to hear from you in the comments!