Are You Ready For Your Blessings?

HAPPY ST. PATTY’S DAY!!!! A day for green drinking, leprechauns, and debauchery. This week, us Debs are discussing the luck we’ve had on the road to publishing. Before I begin, let’s take a quick deep dive into the word LUCK: The English noun luck appears comparatively late, during the 1480s, as a loan from Low German (Dutch or Frisian) luk,…
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Right This Way, Lady Luck

This week, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’re chatting about luck and how it’s had an impact on our success as authors. When writing this blog, I actually typed “what is luck?” into Google. You guys know how I love Google. Here’s what came back: Success or failure brought by chance rather than through…
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Deb Susan Gets Crabby About the Green

The topic is green, so today we’re talking:


13C Emerald Crab Closeup

I’ve always had a thing for crabs. Perhaps it’s my birthday (July, in the sign of ‘Cancer – the crab’), or possibly the fact that I share the crustacean’s crotchety temper and its tendency to eat everything in reach.

More likely, it’s just that I find them awfully cute.

13C emerald crab on hand

Emerald crabs, in particular, are favorites of mine. They’re reef safe (they don’t molest the fish or corals) and they munch unwanted algae like little hyper-caffeinated mowers. I currently have between three and five on the reef (The First Rule of Reefkeeping says you don’t ever actually KNOW what’s in there beyond a reasonable doubt).

The newest ones are named Mister and Bandit.

Bandit got his name when he snagged a piece of algae out of the claws of a little hermit and dashed off into the rocks with his captured prize.

13C Emerald Crab Settling in

As for Mister ….. well, what else are you going to call those claws?

13C Big Claw Crab

(And yes, there’s a Spongebob Squarepants joke lurking somewhere in there too.)

The emeralds spend most of their time hiding out in the rocks and in between the polyps on the reef. In the ocean (and many aquariums too) their tiny size makes emerald crabs a tasty snack food of the deep. My tank holds no dangers, but the little guys have yet to figure that out – so they tend to try and blend in whenever they can.

13C Emerald claws

Sometimes that works out better for them than others.

What do you like best about the green? Does it make you a little crabby too?