Fiction Fears vs Nonfiction Fears

Thursday, June 15, 2017

This week’s topic is about the Debs’ fears when it comes to someone reading our books. Besides the “please don’t hate my book” fear, I’ve got a big bag of fears as both a fiction and nonfiction author. I’ve got a few books in the works. Next year the follow up to BECOMING BONNIE releases. That one, called BEING BONNIE, is also fiction and completes Bonnie Parker’s story, diving into…


Taphephobia, Hadephobia and Jenni L. Walsh’s Other Halloween-Related Publishing Fears

Thursday, October 27, 2016

This week, in prep for Halloween, the Debs are writing about their biggest fears about publishing.  It’s no surprise, with all its spookiness, that Halloween comes with its own list of fears. Wiccaphobia (witches), Formidophobia (scarecrows), Coimetrophobia (cemeteries), and well, Samhainophobia (Halloween itself). It’s also no surprise that publishing a book shares some of these same Halloween-related phobias. I’ve done some soul searching, I’ve established a safe word (bestseller), and I’m…


It’s the Little Fears that Gnaw on Deb Linda

I’m pretty good at handling big fears. I tend to face them head on, stare them down, and dare them to try and crush me. Marshall my inner forces, and defeat them with the mighty force of my indomitable will. But those little things…they get to me. The crazy things, the things no sensible person would waste precious worry-time on, nibble away at my psyche and tie my stomach in…

Friday, November 4, 2011