My Monday: The Black Hour Eve

Well. Here we are. It’s Monday. I write the Monday posts. Except that this Monday is MY Monday—the last day before my novel, The Black Hour, is published and the Monday of Lori Week at the Deb Ball.

I think most writers are a little on the introverted side, so you’ll probably understand if I say that the phrase “Lori Week” gives me the jeebies. A while back, one of the other Debs (Heather, I think) said that throwing a launch for yourself was a bit like putting on your wedding. A regular three-ring circus fully contained by a three-ring binder.

The problem with that analogy is that, when I got married, I actually chickened out of doing the whole down-the-aisle/everyone-you-know-staring thing. My now-husband and I agreed: we didn’t want to be the center of attention like that. Instead, we eloped to New York with a small group of friends and relatives along. Of course, we eloped to the Empire State Building on Valentine’s Day, so four TV station crews showed up, too.

I can't find the picture I have of my own paparazzi moment, but this is how it felt.
I can’t find the picture I have of my own paparazzi moment, but this is how it felt.

I never saw any footage, though, so that’s cool.

My husband is still shy but I’ve actually become a lot more accustomed to attention, mostly because writing requires it. Well, not the writing portion of writing, but the other half—the sharing.

Because as introverted as we might be, we want someone to read our work, don’t we? All right, Salinger, not you. We get it.

I still remember vividly how sick to my stomach I was as I took the Blue Line El to my first-ever reading. I was in the first semester of my MFA program in creative writing at Roosevelt University. I had given up a lot to be in school and to be free of the terrible job I’d had for five years, during which I wrote not one single word for myself. But as the train neared my stop, I wasn’t sure if I could stand up in front of other people and read aloud what I’d written.

Then my mind cleared and I realized, really realized the opportunity I had. Sharing what I’d written with other people wasn’t about public speaking. It was about living the life I’d always imagined for myself. I was getting what I had always wanted.

Remember what happened to the woman who suddenly found out that she got everything that she ever wanted?

If you believe Roald Dahl, she lives happily ever after. We’ll see.

But in that moment, realizing that I was succeeding at what I’d set out to do helped calm me down enough to read a story to a group of my grad school peers. And then I kept doing it, every chance I got. The strategy I adopted (and apparently maybe suggested it to other people) is one of saying yes. Say yes, even when sometimes you really don’t think you can do the thing being asked of you. You’ll figure it out later. Go ahead and say yes, even when it scares you. Especially when it scares you.

People who write aren’t always best suited to the other things publishing requires, but I’ll admit: Being one day away from having my book on the shelf of someone’s library, of someone’s bookstore, in someone’s house—that’s an amazing feeling. Thank you for being with me this Monday and all the Mondays in my Deb year.


Author: Lori Rader-Day

Lori Rader-Day is the author of the mystery THE BLACK HOUR (Seventh Street Books, July 2014). She grew up in central Indiana, but now lives in Chicago with her husband and very spoiled dog.

19 Replies to “My Monday: The Black Hour Eve”

  1. So glad it’s FINALLY here. There will be many more of these to come, but the “first” is special. Have a great week, Lori. And by the way, see you in a day or two!

  2. So glad it’s finally here. Can’t wait to get my copy to read. I’ve been telling everyone about it. I’m sooo proud of you. Love you bunches.

  3. SQUEEEE! Happy Lori Week!! Got the call from Politics & Prose, so will be picking up MY VERY OWN copy today (and one to give to a friend)! They said I didn’t haven to wait until tomorrow! 🙂

  4. Lori, congratulations on your launch! You are kicking off your celebration week with a very inspiring post. Best wishes to you on the journey.

  5. It’s Lori Week! (get used to it 🙂 )

    ::does the Lori Week dance::

    Tomorrow when I wake up, a certain book by a certain Lori will be on my Kindle, saying, “Read me!”

    That’s worth a celebration.

    (I got married at City Hall myself, but that didn’t stop us from getting on stage every time we had the opportunity. 🙂 )

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