[News Flash] March 11, 2018

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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Congratulations to @SFBluestocking, winner of our #DebBallGiveaway of Lara Elena Donnelly’s Nebula-Nominated AMBERLOUGH!   Thank you so much to yesterday’s guest, Nicole Brinkley, whose post about establishing a relationship with your local bookstore is so informative and helpful!  News from the 2018 Debs:  Cass Morris is really pleased that moving to another city is currently distracting her from freaking out about release-related things. (This is a lie. It’s not a distraction. She’s just freaking…


Establishing a Relationship with Your Local Bookstore with Nicole Brinkley!

  Nicole Brinkley has short hair and loves dragons. The rest changes without notice. She is an independent bookseller and the founder of YA Interrobang. Follow her on Twitter: @nebrinkley. Learn from her on Patreon.             One of the things that authors daydream about most when it comes to their book is seeing it on the shelf of a bookstore. But bookstores can be unknown, scary beasts…

Saturday, March 10, 2018

My Deadline Is My BFF

Friday, March 9, 2018

I am nothing without a deadline. As a person who’s highly motivated by winning (particularly winning the un-winnable– I’m looking at you, Sims Franchise), I will do just about anything to meet a deadline, except turning in an inferior product. Back when I first started writing novels, before I had an agent; before I had a book deal; before I really knew anything at all about the industry, I gave…


Schedules and Deadlines are My Superpower

Thursday, March 8, 2018

  My day job pretty much ensures that I’m an expert on deadlines and schedules. I teach fifth grade, and everything is either part of a schedule or a deadline for myself or my students. For example, I need to make sure I finish teaching multiplication and division of fractions before spring break (deadline: me), or my students need enough time to finish writing their research-based argument essay by March…


Inside Kimmery’s Brain: Deadline Edition

Kimmery's Brain: Deadline Edition
Wednesday, March 7, 2018

  One week until article about deadlines is due. No problem; is loads of time. Would start immediately, except, much like childbirth, you cannot force creativity. It happens when it’s ready to happen. Well, technically you can force childbirth, but you know what I mean: forcing creativity would result in boring article. Which is not to say, of course, that forcing childbirth results in boring child. Omigod, Kimmery, please focus….


My Electronic Co-Worker Has My Back…Usually

My calendar reassures me that I have everything under control.  It sends me electronic nudges that make me a better mother (NO CHESS CLUB TODAY), better friend (FRANCINE’S BIRTHDAY), and better writer (SUBMISSIONS OPEN FOR_____MAGAZINE). I have a shared calendar with my ex-husband to manage the children’s’ overly-full schedule (RED), another shared calendar for the Debutante Ball (PURPLE), holidays and other things Google has decided I need to know about…

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

How Deadlines Control My Chaos

Monday, March 5, 2018

I love deadlines. Seriously, I do. Always have. I work better with them. I’m someone desperately afflicted with what I call butterfly brain — so many ideas, so many things I could be doing, that actually completing any of them has always been an issue. Right now, for instance, I’ve been putting off writing this blog post because I keep wanting to tweak my concept for the space opera WIP…


[News Flash] March 4, 2018

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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Congratulations to @prettystronggir   and @way2butch, winners of our #DebBallGiveaway of Rae Theodore’s LEAVING NORMAL: ADVENTURES IN GENDER.   Thank you so much to yesterday’s guest,Lara Elena Donnelly . If you haven’t already, enter the #DebBallGiveaway to win a copy ofNebula-Nominated AMBERLOUGH. You can enter by sharing our post on Facebook and/or retweeting the following tweet: Interview with Lara Elena Donnelly and Giveaway of Nebula-Nominated AMBERLOUGH https://t.co/5euDIFzvae pic.twitter.com/lp7nqHbmKr — The Debutante Ball (@DebutanteBall) March 3,…


Interview with Lara Elena Donnelly and Giveaway of Nebula-Nominated AMBERLOUGH

Saturday, March 3, 2018

This week, I am delighted to introduce to the ball Lara Elena Donnelly, my agent-sibling! Lara and I are both represented by the magnificent Connor Goldsmith of Fuse Literary, so I’ve had the privilege of knowing Lara since before the rest of the world got to enjoy this dazzling debut! Apart from being a fantastic, award-nominated writer, Lara is a lovely person and well-worth the following on Twitter. 😉 The all-singing, all-dancing…


The Dreaded Edit Letter

Friday, March 2, 2018

I remember the first time that I got beta reader feedback for The Diminished I was absolutely gutted. I had given this reader the absolute best story I could manage and they poked it full of holes. But then someone told me something that’s really stuck with me. The moment you send your book out into the world, it is no longer yours. It belongs to the reader. And as such, the…