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Check back next week, where we will announce the winner of this weeks giveaway–PRETENDING TO DANCE, by Diane Chamberlain!

From the 2016 Debs

Louise Miller has just made an appointment with a photographer in NYC to have her author photo taken. She is now feverishly shopping for author photo clothes.

Jennifer S. Brown turned in her acknowledgments page. She made her sister read her novel three times to critique it; she made her read that acknowledgments page twelve times. And Jennifer is still paranoid she forgot someone! (So can she just say, “Thank you,” to all of you now to cover all her bases?)

Heather Young spent the week putting together a Shutterfly “This Is Your Life” album for her daughter, who is turning 18.  This helped distract her from worrying about what her editor is thinking of the revisions she sent in three weeks ago.  Somewhat.

Abby Fabiaschi received her first bona fide author blurb. She’s thrilled the back cover of I LIKED MY LIFE won’t be naked! Work on WHATEVER HAPPENED TO LUCY BISCARO? continues. Pretty sure the answer won’t appear in full by the November 1st deadline though.

Aya de Leon is finishing up the proposal for a non-fiction book of essays, and is currently pitching news outlets with two pieces: 1) a post on the recent sexual harassment scandal at UC Berkeley where she teaches and 2) an interview with our recent guest Carolina De Robertis and reading THE GODS OF TANGO in the context of queer literature.


For Writers

Interesting Links

Here are a few of our favorites from this week:

President Obama interviews Marilynne Robinson for New York Books, just a great chat between two fertile minds on writing, faith, politics and more:  A Conversation in Iowa

Deb alum Amy Sue Nathan on how (and when) to perform a “writer gut check”: The Writer Gut Check

Ten literary agents seeking women’s fiction, and querying tips from Chuck Sambuchino:  Querying Ten Agents

Places to Submit

Writer’s Digest is hosting its 19th “Dear Lucky Agent” contest, this time for Young Adult authors. There is no fee to enter, though you must mention the contest twice on social media. Besides winning books and a Writer’s Digest subscription, you can win a critique by Eric Smith of P.S. Literary of the first 10 double-spaced pages of your work. Previous winners of this contest have been signed by the judging agent. Find the details on the Writer’s Digest site.

If your prose is feeling purple this week, why not try this fun contest (with prizes!) from Writers’ Digest:  Worst Story Ever.

Writing Prompt
Write a story using only one-syllable words.

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