No, I Don’t Write Erotica

Thursday, May 5, 2016

“I think it’s great how you just put it out there,” a former colleague said after I landed a book deal. “Put what out there?” I asked. “You know, that you write”–hands up for air quotes–“women’s fiction.” It took me a second to piece together the erroneous leap he’d taken. “Oh, no,” I said. “No air quotes necessary. They’re just novels that appeal more to women and book clubs.” He winked. I never did…


Oprah Was On to Something

Thursday, April 28, 2016

I suspect Oprah and I lead different lives. I could be wrong. She could be soaking a boy’s sweatshirt right now because he blew his nose directly into the sleeve and then wore it all day so the boogers dried into the fabric, but I’m guessing she’s soaking her newly pedicured feet in a warm, salt-infused tub prepared by a loyal lady-in-waiting. When I gain five pounds, the only thing that takes note…


Timeless Truths

Thursday, April 21, 2016

My grandma Betty died when I was eleven, but the truths she taught me are timeless: It doesn’t matter what people look like. Period. Staying silent is not enough. If a person is cruel and you say nothing, you’re no better than them. Education begets choice. Take every opportunity to learn. If God has a problem with how some people live, he can take it up with them directly. Be the best version of yourself…


Interview with Emily Liebert + SOME WOMEN book giveaway!

SOME WOMEN by Emily Liebert
Saturday, April 16, 2016

Have y’all ever met someone who had no reason to help you out, but did anyway? Well, meet Emily Liebert– a woman who did just that for me. I’m ecstatic to have her as a guest today, so I can sing praises about her latest and greatest. SOME WOMEN is an engrossing and thought provoking novel that examines the intricacies of marriage, friendship, and the power of unexpected connections. On the surface, Mackenzie,…


The Blank Page, Part Duex

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A freelance editor once told me that in the world of writers there are plotters and there are free stylists. Plotters start with an outline in hand, marching through prose and dialogue until they arrive at an ending conceived on a whiteboard or napkin long before. Free stylists– that’s me– start with a character (if they’re lucky) or a sentence (if they’re not), and are as shocked as their readers will…


This is the Last Stop. It is time to Disembark the Gravy Train.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Happy Publication Week to Jennifer S. Brown! MODERN GIRLS left me a little irked at Jenny because I had to stay up until one in the morning to learn Dottie’s fate, leaving me rather worthless the next day. Its compelling storyline made it my May book club choice, and should motivate you to pick up a copy. To celebrate this exciting week, Jenny asked us to share the expectations set in…


Interview with Julie Cohen + Book Giveaway

DEAR THING by Julie Cohen
Saturday, April 2, 2016

We’re in for a treat today! Julie Cohen, author of WHERE LOVE LIES, has delivered another moving novel for our reading pleasure: DEAR THING is the internationally bestselling story of Ben and Claire, a couple who cannot have children … until Ben’s best friend Romily offers to be a surrogate mother for them. But Romily has a secret: she’s in love with Ben, and being pregnant with his baby brings up…


High Tech vs. Publishing

Thursday, March 31, 2016

High Tech My first decade out of college I worked 60 to 90 hour weeks in high tech with predominantly white males (until I had my own team and could change that). Competition was fierce. Everyone wanted their share, and no one hesitated to poke an eye out for it. It was commission based– the harder I worked, the more money I made– and that quickly became the foundation on which I rested my self-worth. Lives…


Crabby Abby, Flabby Abby, Gabby Abby: What’s in a name?

Thursday, March 24, 2016

My birth certificate reads Abagail Katherine Fabiaschi. People often ask about the unique spelling of my first name, but there’s no story there; it was just how my mom thought the world spelled Abigail. Our last name posed the greater challenge. I was raised overhearing one side of frustrating conversations with company representatives: “F like Frank, A … B as in boy, I … A … S as in Sam, C…


When My Husband Read My Novel by Lynda Cohen Loigman + Hardcover Book Giveaway

THE TWO-FAMILY HOUSE by Lynda Cohen Loigman
Saturday, March 19, 2016

Thrilled to host this guest post by Lynda Cohen Loigman, whose hardcover debut I inhaled in two days. Moving and evocative, THE TWO-FAMILY HOUSE is a gripping, multigenerational story, woven around the deepest of secrets.The year is 1947. In the midst of a Brooklyn blizzard, two babies are born, minutes apart in a two-family brownstone. The mothers are sisters by marriage: dutiful, quiet Rose, who wants nothing more than to…