What a Year! Apply to be a Debutante!

Monday, July 5, 2021

It feels like it was only last month that Lisa Braxton, author of THE TALKING DRUM, recommended applying to The Debutante Ball. I was immediately interested. Everything I’ve ever done in my life – writing a dissertation, raising kids, finding jobs, working to influence politics – has been richer and more satisfying when done in the company of other amazing women. So I was really excited about the prospect of…


Wisdom from the Masters via Podcasts.

Thursday, June 24, 2021

Today’s topic is tips and writing advice from teachers, mentors, and other inspirational figures. I’m going to start with a tip for how to find this advice: Podcasts! I may be late to the party but I only recently learned that you can use the search function on most podcast listening apps to find episodes featuring those authors you most admire. You just type, say, Tommy Orange, into the search…


Interview with Jennifer Nissley, author of THE MYTHIC KODA ROSE

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

This week’s interview is with Jennifer Nissley, another of my agent siblings with whom I share the amazing Danielle Burby. THE MYTHIC KODA ROSE will be out on July 13th and has been described as an offbeat and romantic novel that follows a teen girl whose desire to find out more about her late rock star father rings her closer to the last person he expected. Sounds amazing! Read below…


A Deleted Scene from A Door Between Us

Thursday, June 10, 2021

When I first read the prompt for this week’s blogpost, I thought, “deleted scenes? Do I have deleted scenes?” As a dedicated plotter who outlines and re-outlines every beat and scene of every story I’m working on, my editing is more about paragraph and sentence structure than the actual story. But then I went back and looked at an early version of DOOR and right there in the first chapter…


Interview with Laura Brooke Robson, author of GIRLS AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

I’m excited for this week’s interview with Laura Brooke Robson as we share an agent, the incredible Danielle Burby who has such a good eye for interesting and mind-expanding content that I just know Laura’s debut is going to be amazing. GIRLS AT THE EDGE OF THE WORLD will be out on June 8th and has been described as a heart-stoppingly romantic fantasy debut set in a world on the…


First Drafts: How to get them done!

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Much has been written about the soul-crushing, trauma-inducing terror of the blank page. How does one stare it down and get through the first draft? Here are some things that have worked for me: 1. Start with an outline. I know that dedicated pantsers may vehemently disagree. But for me, one of the things I love about an outline is its inherently imperfect format that removes the need for flawless…


Interview with Antoinette Walker, Co-Founder of The Chaptr

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

The Chaptr is an exciting new monthly book subscription box and book club rolled into one that is launching this week! Today, we talk to The Chapter’s co-founder, Antoinette Walker about where the idea came from, how The Chaptr works, and what else we can expect from this new venture.   THE INTERVIEW Tell us about your self. I was the kid who read everything in sight.  Cereal boxes were some…



Thursday, April 22, 2021

In honor of National Independent Bookstore day, I am thrilled to talk about some amazing bookstores that I love. First up is Books, Inc. with a genealogy going back to 1851, making it the oldest independent bookstore in the West. Books, Inc. currently has 10 branches throughout the Bay Area. The Campbell branch was incredibly supportive of A DOOR BETWEEN US, providing books, folding chairs and other items for an…


Interview with Amanda Skenandore, author of THE SECOND LIFE OF MIRIELLE WEST

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

This week’s interview is with dear friend and author Amanda Skenandore, whose award-winning historical fiction explores painful episodes in the American experience with great sensitivity and insight. Her forthcoming book, THE SECOND LIFE OF MIRIELLE WEST will be out in July and was inspired by the true story of a Louisiana leprosy hospital where patients were forcibly quarantined. Below, Amanda talks about the research she did at the national leprosarium,…


Interview with Pamela Skjolsvik, author of FOREVER 51

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

I’m so excited for this week’s interview with Pamela Skjolsvik whose debut novel, FOREVER 51 is the delightful story of an eternally menopausal vampire on a quest to become mortal. Below, Pamela talks about the strangest job she’s ever had, the remaining items on her bucket list, and the story behind the title of her book. Enjoy!   ABOUT PAMELA Pamela Skjolsvik has been published in Creative Nonfiction, Witness, Ten…