Beauty Fades, Stupid is Forever by Deb Eileen

I’m home sick with a head cold. The vast quantities of over the counter medication has left me washed up on the sofa, surrounded by crumbled damp tissues, unable to move and barely able to pull together a cohert thought.  This doesn’t bode well for this post. I don’t want to write, reading seems to complicated, so I am reduced to watching day time TV. (stick with me- this does connect to our topic) I’ve noticed a theme over the day of my in depth study.   People seem to seek out someone who will tell them if they are stupid.

Dr. Phil (who happens to be bald-HA! I told you it would connect) has built an entire industry on “telling it like it is.”  He is full of down home sayings like “don’t gift wrap a package of dog poo and tell me it’s a present.”  I’m not entirely sure what he means, but people in the audience clapped wildly when he said it. I do believe one woman in the front row began to immortalize the saying by needle pointing it onto a pillow. Dr. Phil, Judge Judy and their ilk spend entire shows pointing out to the various guests that they are doing something stupid and the guests LOVE it.

I’m left wondering why people need to go on TV to find out they’re being stupid- don’t they have family? What is family for other than to ask you “what the hell were you thinking?” Do you really need to turn to strangers for this service?

What is the best advice you got from family?


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  1. My mother gave me the immortal wisdom of, “Now, don’t go and do anything stupid” as she drove me to university so many years ago. It really did cover a wide spectrum of potentially bad ideas that I would have during those four years. I still find it useful at times.

  2. That is such a weak link to the topic I’m thinking of dropping down to just “Eileen’s Proud Dad” You could have found humor in women cooing and mooning over men who are actually bald but covering it up with a rug much like men coing and mooning over Pam Anderson’s chemically enhanced form. You could have found humor in why people feel the need to embellish or change a physical attribute. You could have found humor in the money wasted by people in search of a better appearance. You could have found humor in the women who have fallen for bald men. You could have found humor in the fact you never see a bald woman. (There should be just as many bald men as bald women.) You could have done all this on such a topic but instead you tie it into a TV show just because the guy is bald! JEEZ!

  3. Larramie – It’s Eileen’s VERY Proud Dad thinking of dropping down to just Eileen’s Proud Dad. I was just commenting to her that she could have found something closer to the topic. And as to how much I love her, only very, very, very slightly less than her mother who is more important to me than life itself. Without her mother, there is little meaning to life as she is what I live for. I have been blessed with three very important women in my life, my mother who gave me life, my wife who gives my life purpose, and my daughter who gives my life fulfillment. I know of few men who hae been so bessed by God and thank Him frequently for what I have received.

  4. Eileen, you are very lucky indeed. As is your dad!

    I have learned over time, that when my own father just shakes his head and tells me I’m crazy, I’m onto something good. If I had listened to his head shaking and poo-pooing over the years, I would not have gone to college, built a house or had a baby. Sometimes the best thing is to do the exact opposite of what is advised!

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