News Flash–Cadbury Cream Egg Edition


newsCongratulations to Dona Bailey, winner of Lynda Cohen Loigman’s THE TWO FAMILY HOUSE!

Check back next week, where we will announce the winner of this weeks giveaway, Lynne Griffin’s GIRL SENT AWAY!

From the 2016 Debs:

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Louise Miller was delighted to see her arc (and her macaroons!) on the Viking Books Instagram page! She is now feverishly trying to get ready for AWP, where she (and Aya!) are on a panel discussing publishing your debut novel after the age of 35.

Jennifer S. Brown was excited to have her guest blog post “Facing the Edits: 7 Steps to a Happy Revision” on Writer’s Digest. (Look for her in the Breaking In section in the April issue of the print edition of Writer’s Digest.) She’s picked out what sections of MODERN GIRLS she’ll be reading at her launch, but that hasn’t stopped the anxiety dreams. And, oh, how there have been anxiety dreams!

Heather Young enjoyed a restful five days at the Northern California Writers’ Retreat in the beautiful Santa Cruz mountains, where she hung out with a dozen fellow writers, had very little internet access, and actually made progress on her next book, all of which made her feel like a writer again, not just a publicist.

Abby Fabiaschi is still giddy from her breakfast with Lisa See, who is just as insightful and gracious as her writing suggests.

Aya de Leon has had a breakthrough in her crippling technophobia, and designed her own website in WordPress (with a little help). She’s now working on copyedits of UPTOWN THIEF.

For Writers

Here are some of the best things we saw on the internet this week:

*  Some excellent tips on writing from Sarah Waters in The Guardian. (Did you know that Saint Frances de Sales is the patron saint of writers? We didn’t.) Rules for Writers

*  For when you’re feeling beaten down and frustrated with your writing, a lovely pick-me-up in the form of an open love letter to writers everywhere from Kerry Lonsdale in Women Writers:  Dear Writer

*  Finally, this made us laugh: actual responses from men in airport bars when the woman next to them says she’s a writer: Men in Airport Bars Ask What Do You Do, by Diana Spechler.

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