News Flash for Sunday August 3, 2008

Deb News: After The Debs (minus Gail) finish storming San Francisco they’re off to storm NYC (at least three of them, Deb Jenny, Deb Danielle and Deb Gail) for the Backspace Conference August 7th. Deb Eileen is beyond THRILLED to have her first blurb for her upcoming YA What Would Emma Do? from one of her favorite authors. “Not since Judy Blume’s Margaret introduced herself to God has there been…

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Newsflash, July 13 2008

Announcing the Debutante Ball Class of 2009 We are most excited to announce the 2009 Debs, who will take over the Debutante Ball on September 1, 2008. We had so many extremely talented authors from which to choose, all with exciting books debuting next year, and narrowing it down to five was no easy task. Without further ado, our 2009 Debutantes are: Eve Brown-Waite, author of the memoir First Comes…

Sunday, July 13, 2008

News Flash! March 9, 2008

Deb News Deb Jenny’s debut novel Sleeping with Ward Cleaver has gone into its second printing! Help Deb Lisa write her new dating book How to Date Like a Grown-up. If you’re single, take this quick, 2-minute dating survey and you could win a prize basket worth $500. Deb Founder News Deb Founder Mia King just sold her third book, Table Manners: A Novel, to Berkley Books for a September…

Sunday, March 9, 2008

News Flash! February 17, 2008

Deb News Unpredictable hit at #24 on the Barnes and Noble Romance Trade Bestseller List! A round of champagne for all. Eileen wants to offer up a huge thanks to everyone who has helped with spreading the word. Her book tour starts this week so check her site for a list of dates and locations. Deb Jenny appeared here on Valentine’s Day and is resting comfortably after the SLEEPING WITH…

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Here’s a Little Something to Warm You Up by Deb Mia

Now, I know you probably won’t believe me, but it’s freezing in Hawaii right now and I’m layered in fleece, double socks, and long johns as I write this. It’s getting so bad that I placed an order with LL Bean for a bunch of hats to wear when we sleep (no joke). Granted, I live up in the mountains and not at the beach, but still! This is Hawaii,…

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mama Mia – Here We Go Again by Founder Mia

So, if you’re like me, you kind of like to make plans about this whole writing thing and generally espouse on how great being a published author is. For example: “I’m going to write my next book in three months’ flat!” “I’m going to write my next book right after that!” “My writing career is off to a great start!” “I love being able to write whenever I can!” “I…

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pearls, Pens, Theme Songs and Huli Huli Chicken

Dear 2008 Debutantes, I’ve been thinking a lot about this past year, and I’d like to leave two thoughts with you – my version of a legacy, so to speak: Theme Songs Huli Huli Chicken First, about the theme songs: if you haven’t already found a theme song for your debut novel, think about getting one. For GOOD THINGS, my theme song is Imogen Heap’s “Goodnight and Go.” I literally…

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Is it that time already? by Deb Jennifer

It’s been almost exactly a year since I was graciously invited to join a little something called The Debutante Ball.  I admit, I hesitated.  I was worried that I would never get the whole blogging thing (I scarcely knew what a blog was), that I didn’t have the time to commit fully, and that both myself and my book were a bit, well, dark for the rest of the group. …

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Groupie by Deb Mia

I’m a bit of a loner. I think, as a writer, most of us are by default – we don’t necessarily think we fit in, we’d rather be writing, we’d rather be reading, we have a healthy dose of insecurity and anxiety. In general I tend not to do the group thing. For me, it’s just a lot of work; I tend to get easily frustrated. I do much better…

Thursday, July 26, 2007

News Flash! July 22, 2007

Are you hungry yet? Deb Mia and a GOOD THINGS recipe is featured in The Write Ingredients: Recipes From Your Favorite Authors. Compiled by New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster, the book features over 90 of your favorite authors to create a book of tasty treats. Pick up your copy today and bon appétit! Friends in the News! Pat Wood, author of Lottery has been a busy media mogul. Check out…

Sunday, July 22, 2007