Deb Eleanor Predicts the Future

I’ve been involved in social networking in one way or another for years.  I was an early adopter of the web, of Usenet news, of AOL and Yahoo! chat rooms, and more. So I got to thinking about where we’ve come from in terms of social networking, and I found this little gem – a graph of social networking usage in September 2007, from Nielsen. AOL Hometown? MySpace? Remember those?…

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Deb Eleanor on Luck and Lindsay Lohan

You know, when I think of luck, I think of Lindsay Lohan. No, really. A few years ago, Lindsay was in a movie called Just My Luck.  You probably didn’t see it, and I can’t say I’d put it on your bucket list (though I am fairly fond of the cheerful, pop soundtrack, done entirely by a band called McFly), but the premise was really interesting. Lindsay Lohan played Ashley,…

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Deb Eleanor’s Book(store) Report

In traveling to support The Weird Sisters, I’ve been in a lot of bookstores over the past few months, not only for appearances, but for stock signings (where an author comes to the store to sign the copies they have on hand), interviews, and a few moments of respite in all the hubbub. There’s been a lot of doom and gloom about the fate of books and publishing and bookstores…

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Here’s Your Sign, Deb Eleanor

I have a print by one of my favorite artists, Brian Andreas, hanging in my office.  If you don’t know Brian Andreas, he’s the creator of Story People – wildly creative combinations of art and “stories” – which he manages to tell through only a few words, while I have to ramble on for the entire length of a novel. In any case, here’s the print: Here’s the story: I…

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Debs Online!

So, I know, you love spending the days here with us at the Debutante Ball, but did you know we all have other sites as well? Deb Elise’s site features pictures of her with multiple Muppets (say that five times fast), information on Elixir, the novel she co-wrote with Hilary Duff, and Populazzi, her solo debut (which I recently had the pleasure of reading and may I just say, WOW),…

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Deb Eleanor’s Fickle Muse

I’m starting to feel like kind of a loser. Wait, starting? Okay, I always feel like a loser, as has been previously established.  But on these topics – muses and inspiration – I’ve felt particularly loser-ish.  I feel like I should have some kind of routine or plan for inspiration. I don’t. It just kind of happens.  If you come see me at a reading or a signing (more events…

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

News Flash: February 6, 2011

Congrats to Dawn N. who won Caroline Leavitt’s Pictures of You! From the 2011 Debs… It was a huge week for the 2011 Debs! Deb Sarah had a baby!  Colby William arrived on Monday, January 31 – she’s got some precious pictures on her site! Deb Eleanor‘s The Weird Sisters came in at #18 on the New York Times Best Sellers List, #15 on the Publishers Weekly Best Sellers List,…

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Deb Tawna joins the buzz for Deb Eleanor’s book

Special News Flash: Congrats to Amy C. and Melissa M. who won copies of Deb Eleanor’s The Weird Sisters yesterday!  Now, on to Deb Tawna’s regularly scheduled post! When you get picked to do a group blog like this with four other authors, there’s a factor no one likes to talk about. You basically agree in advance to gush with praise over books you’ve never read from authors you’ve never…

Friday, January 21, 2011

How Should Deb Eleanor Spend Her Publication Day?

Publication day for The Weird Sisters is finally here! This has been such a long time coming and there have been so many steps to the process, it’s only just starting to feel real.  I can’t even begin to count my blessings.  The Weird Sisters has been: named one of Amazon’s Best Books of the Month for January named one of Barnes & Noble’s Best Books of the Month for…

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Three Cheers for Deb Eleanor and THE WEIRD SISTERS!

It’s party time this week as another Deb’s book makes its debut! This time we’re polishing up our tiaras and putting on our dancing shoes in honor of Deb Eleanor Brown and her stunning debut, The Weird Sisters, out on Thursday (January 20) from Amy Einhorn Books! If you haven’t heard all the buzz about this book, I think there’s a fairly good chance you’ve been snoozing for the last…

Tuesday, January 18, 2011