Bon Voyeurage! Set Sail with Tawna Fenske’s Making Waves!

See that horrible romance sex pun in the headline? That is why Kim is NOT the romance Debutante for 2011.  Or ever!  After all, the romance genre has to be all about swollen members (I did read that term once while a kid perusing my aunt’s books in her guest room in Miami circa 1974 or so. It scarred me for life.)   And heaving bosoms. And throbby things. Romance is…

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Love, Lust, and Deb Tawna’s MAKING WAVES! (Giveaway!)

I was raised by romance novels. Not literally. I mean I do have actual parents. But I grew up reading them. I started out with the Sweet Dreams series, which had covers like this one (and according to the Wikipedia article, models included Diane Lane and Courteney Cox – don’t you love Wikipedia?), and gave me a very skewed view of teen romance. Or maybe I was just choosing my…

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Deb Elise Would TOTALLY Stow Away With Deb Tawna’s Making Waves Crew!

HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY, TAWNA!!!! I want to make a cake shaped like the cover of Making Waves, but with inappropriate toys instead of candles.  Or just with inappropriate candles, so you can… you know… blow them. I can’t help but think in sexually loaded double entendres when I think about Tawna’s book.  I warn you — this is a hazard when you read Making Waves. Another hazard?  You won’t want…

Monday, August 1, 2011

News Flash: July 31, 2011 – Meet the 2012 Debutantes!

Congrats to Debra, Gayle and Jen who won Kate Ledger’s Remedies. News Deb Sarah is so excited to share that her second novel is coming out three months early! The pub date for The Bungalow has been moved up to December 27 (from March 27), which officially means that Sarah has had two books come out, and given birth to one baby, in one year. This makes her feel like…

Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Debutante Ball Welcomes Elizabeth Stuckey-French! (Giveaway!)

We’re so happy to have Elizabeth Stuckey-French joining us at the Ball today! Deb Eleanor was lucky enough to be on a panel with Elizabeth at the recent Printer’s Row Lit Fest in Chicago, and she can vouch that Elizabeth is smart, funny, and talented as heck. Today Elizabeth has some great advice for aspiring writers, and she’s giving away a copy of The Revenge of the Radioactive Lady to…

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Deb Tawna wants to have a slumber party with Deb Elise’s narrator

I’ve gotta be honest – I’m not usually a big fan of the Young Adult genre. Maybe I’m too far removed from being a teenager, or maybe I’m not removed enough. Whatever the case, it’s seldom my first choice in genres to read for pleasure. Deb Elise’s Populazzi made me rethink that It’s not hard to figure out why. Deb Elise did a phenomenal job creating a narrator who is…

Friday, July 29, 2011

Deb Sarah Is Having a POPULAZZI Love Fest!

I was soooo excited to read fellow Deb Ball sister Elise Allen’s debut novel, Populazzi (which I, oddly, always want to spell with two “p’s”—which makes zero grammatical sense!) for so many reasons: a.) in the lost years between junior high and high school, I was a little shy, a little unsure of myself, and, like Elise’s main character, Cara, totally the type of girl whose diaries are uneventful (though…

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Stop! You Must Hop On…. Populazzi by Elise Allen!

Sorry, we’re a Dr. Seuss family and well, it just worked. Would you could you on a blog? Would you could you in the fog? If that’s someone  asking you to learn about, buy and DEVOUR Populazzi then the answer is YES! Congrats to Deb Elise on the launch of her YA/MAA (Hey, I loved the book and I’m a middle aged adult, so I think the genre is perfectly legit)…

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Fabulousness That Is Deb Elise’s POPULAZZI! (Giveaway!)

Guess what? It’s time to celebrate Deb Elise Allen’s Populazzi! I met Deb Elise when I was in LA, but we only got to talk for about three minutes, and we were so excited we forgot to take a picture, but I loved her immediately, and reading this book only cemented that. Let me catch you up with a back-of-the-book summary first: Cara has never been one of those girls:…

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Deb Elise on Populazzi, and her Least Favorite Aerosmith Song

True story.  I came back from an overnight at my daughter’s summer camp, sat down at the computer, wondered, “Hmmm… better write Monday’s Deb Ball post.  Wonder what the topic is?”  Then I clicked on the page and realized… I’m the topic!!! Originally, when we realized Tawna and I debuted on the same day, I volunteered to have Populazzi take the week before launch.  Launch week is a big deal,…

Monday, July 25, 2011