Dream, Baby, Dream

I dream, therefore I am.

To dream is human.

Dreams keep us alive, give us hope, move us forward, connect us to the past. I’ve asked other autism Moms if they have ever dreamed of their child without autism. I haven’t. I wonder why? Perhaps because my heart would break and I would not wake up.  Have you ever had a dream so real you did not want to wake up?

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  1. I heart Bruce!!! So sad for the loss of Clarence.

    After all these years together (Mac moved in 18 years ago in August), I didn’t have any happy dreams about him until a few months ago. I have no idea what precipitated it. In my dream, he was talking. It was crazy to hear his sweet little voice. Luckily, he was not swearing in it. I’ve often said he probably has a mind full of swear words he learned from me and our mom.

  2. No. I’ve had wonderful dreams, fantastic dreams, blissful dreams even. But none I’d trade for my reality. Because my reality (warts and all) has possession of my heart in a way that nothing else can compete with. 🙂

  3. In fact I had a good dream last night I wanted to last longer. I was having some tender moments with Dear Departed who has been gone for fourteen years.

  4. I don’t think so, but I have had dreams where I woke up in the middle and really wanted to go back into them! I know some people have mastered that – I have not.

  5. I seem to have nothing but bizarre dreams….like all my teeth fall out and I go to the veterinarian (naturally) who offers me a coyote jawbone as a replacement. Wonder what that means?!


  6. Love Bruce! And, what a beautiful dream (dreaming about your daughters sans autism)–I pray you see it in your dreams (and in real life too). Lately I’ve been having more nightmares than good dreams–eeks! Maybe a sign I need to stress less? xoxo

  7. I’m with Linda — no dreams that vie with reality, no matter how crazy or messy reality is at the time. I HAVE had dreams that felt real and scared the crap out of me — like one where I’m married to someone else and I know he’s the wrong guy and I’m so happy I can’t breathe… then I wake up and am incredibly grateful to see my actual husband next to me.

    Hmmm… maybe he plants those dreams just to keep me appreciating him. 🙂

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