News Flash–Father’s Day Edition

News FlashCongratulations to Theresa, winner of Shannon Kirk‘s METHOD 15/33!

Check back next week, where we will announce the winner of this weeks giveaway, Erika Swyler’s THE BOOK OF SPECULATION!

From the 2016 Debs:

Louise Miller has had a cheery week! She heard clips from her audiobook narrator, saw her Swedish book cover, and finalized her book launch bookstore (GO BROOKLINE BOOKSMITH!) and launch party location.

Jennifer S. Brown is counting down the days till the end of the school year (four and a half; stupid snow days!) and wrestling with the plot of novel #2.

Heather Young‘s parents were in town this week, meeting with doctors at UCSF hospital to try and figure out why her mother is so catastrophically anemic. It was an intense week that reminded her there are many more important things than her fledgling writing career.

IMG_4335Abby Fabiaschi is at the point in packing where anything that fits gets thrown in a box, regardless of sensibility. She labels these boxes accordingly. She also heard from the woman at St. Martin’s who is producing the audio book for I LIKED MY LIFE and is excited for her cover to post next week!

Aya de Leon is getting grounded for the final five weeks, and freaking out a bit as some press opportunities come up!

Interesting things we found on the internet this week:

* The Debs who drink adore bourbon, so of course we adore this: The  Ultimate Readers Guide to Whiskey, from Signature!

* Wow, is this a great piece by Jennifer Weiner in the NY Times about a “commercial” author feeling the snobbery of “literary” peers: The Snobs and Me

* We also took this piece to heart (and confess to every one of these sins): The Seven Deadly Sins of the Debut Novelist, by Emily Ross in deaddarlings

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