From Unseen Fire: A Triumph

As a writer of fantasy, I am thoroughly impressed with the incredible storytelling, research, and imagination that it took for Cass Morris to construct From Unseen Fire.

So often, historical fantasy focuses on the machinations of men. Not so here, From Unseen Fire sings the song of powerful, ambitious women taking their due. I am so impressed by the way Morris managed to use the framework of a Roman-esque society to tell the stories of these incredible women. I loved her heroine, Latona, but it was Latona’s sisters who captured my heart. The way these three interacted was so familiar to me and so fun to see in this historical-ish setting.

Like my fellow debs have said, the amount of research that went into this project was astounding. Every detail seemed to be there for a reason. I loved the way that Cass used small, seemingly insignificant details to round out the world she’d created in Aven. I always respect thoroughly thought out worldbuilding, and Cass has it going on.

Finally, I loved seeing Rome as the basis for a historical fantasy world, and Cass did not disappoint here. She really dove into what made Rome tick and used that to make her magic system work. It made me want find a hidden door that would take me to Aven.

Get yourself a copy today!

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Kaitlyn Sage Patterson

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