Great Gifts for Readers (Like Me)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m always happy with a gift card to a local book store, but given the size of my to-read pile, the last thing I need is a new book. Or maybe you want to give a present that requires more wrapping than an envelope. Here’s a handy gift guide for when you buy me the book lover in your life a Christmas gift. I kept it to five, because otherwise we’d be here all day.

1. Book Lover Match Boxes

I love a practical gift, and with all the indulgent eating over the holidays… let’s just say a burnt match makes the best air freshener. These clever match boxes combine usefulness with literary puns! What’s not to love? My favorite- The Fart of Darkness. Perhaps because I’ve had to read that book too many times for classes and it never got any better.



2. Personalized Library Embosser

Nothing stakes a claim like a fancy embosser. You can safely share your collection without someone claiming a book she’s had for over a year is not yours (you know who you are). It’s elegant, efficient, and irrefutable.



3. Magic Book Clip

I read everywhere: in bed, in the car, on my treadmill. Especially while on the treadmill, it would be nice to have a device to hold the pages open to where I want them. This is the magic device I need. And I should probably have a second one for my cookbooks.



4. The World’s Greatest Bookshelf/Lamp/Bookmark

This is also known as the LiliLite, and I want two. One for my side of the bed and one for my hubby’s. What’s not to love! It’s an appropriately sized light, a place to keep my books, aesthetically pleasing, and a convenient way to save my spot and set my book when I’m done for the night (assuming I don’t fall asleep mid-page).




I can never have enough bookmarks. I’ve used everything from my phone to an unused tissue. While I’ll happily be creative to save my space, a fun book mark is always welcome. The good news, there is a bookmark for every one and every price range! I like these over at Etsy.



So, dear reader, what’s your favorite gift to give the book lovers in your life? Share in the comments!

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Amy Reichert

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