It’s DEB JENNI’S LAUNCH WEEK and Crystal King is ‘Bonnie Parker’ from BECOMING BONNIE

This week, for the launch of BECOMING BONNIE (YAY!), Jenni has asked each of the Debutantes to take a quiz that tells them which member of Bonnie and Clyde’s gang they are.

Before I dig into the details, I need to throw a few HOORAYS! into the air about this wonderful book and the even more wonderful author behind it all. Jenni is my other historical fiction sister out of the Debs and it has been really nice having someone else writing in the genre by my side this debut year. She’s also the cheerleader out of the lot of us, and the one who has her pulse on every ranking our books hit, and every cool thing that occurs that we might have missed in our crazed book fervor. She’s also written a great book, the first of two about Bonnie and Clyde. I’m super excited to see this book hitting the shelves tomorrow!!

Jenni asked us to take a fun quiz about which BECOMING BONNIE character that we are. It turns out that I’m 
I probably wasn’t as outrageous as Bonnie Parker was in her wildest days but I’m not a Bonnelyn either. I have a tendency to fall hard and fall deep…when I feel it’s passion and loyalty and that goes for anything that I deeply care about–people, places, books, movie or television characters. That’s where I identify with Bonnie Parker. All throughout BECOMING BONNIE I feel that headlong rush as she falls for the men in her life. I was desperate for her to get to Clyde because I knew that’s where all of her goody-two-shoes sensibilities would really go out the window and she’d completely lose her heart–and mean it. I wasn’t wrong. All along the way She grows and she changes, shedding the layers of sweet Bonnelyn and hardening, growing into the decisive Bonnie. I loved that about this book, how she changes from a small-town girl to a gangster’s moll, escorted by the speakeasy soundtrack of jazz and a carload of good, if not entirely respectable, friends.

Take the quiz below, and let us know which member you are within Bonnie and Clyde’s gang!

I can’t wait till tomorrow when everyone can find out how wonderful BECOMING BONNIE is. It’s a grand adventure and a wild love story all rolled up into one. I am already anxiously awaiting book two, even though I had to go and remind myself of the story by Googling it (sadly, my memory of the romanticized Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway film is hazy at best). It didn’t matter…and in fact it left me in greater anticipation of what is to come. Jenni knows how to take a history and turn it into incredible imagined reality.

Pick your copy up tomorrow at bookstores all over the country or at these fine retailers: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books-a-Million | IndieBound

 CONGRATULATIONS JENNI! You are the final graduate of this Debutante Ball! I’m so excited to be on this ride together!
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