Lost by Deb Joelle

101 Ways To Torture Your Husband So…it’s Thursday night and I still haven’t blogged about Deb Maria’s new book. Usually, I’m pretty organized, but the thing is, every time I go to read it, it’s missing. It keeps disappearing from my desk.

The other day, I searched high and low for it and guess where I found it? In the recycling bin. Now I know I didn’t put it there…so what happened?

The next time I found a few minutes peace and quiet and wanted to settle down for a giggle, it was long gone again! Checked the recycle bin, but it wasn’t there. After a methodical search, I found it in the “to be donated” box. What the heck? I wouldn’t donate such a cool book. Who was behind this? Hmmm….

So I retrieved it from the donation box and hid it in my bedroom for safekeeping. Only guess what? Yep. It was no longer in my underwear drawer when I went looking for it. This time, I found it hidden in the cat’s bed. So weird. I didn’t even know the cat could read.

I decided to carry it with me after that, just to be safe, but when I searched my purse for it…the dang thing had vanished again! Can you believe it? Were little mischievous fairies invading my home at night and moving stuff around? Well, if they were, they weren’t very smart because I found it hidden in the dirty laundry. And who does laundry around here besides me?

When a hilarious book like Maria’s goes missing that many times, a girl starts to wonder who in the house would want to read it besides me (and the cat, who obviously already did)? Or perhaps I was asking the wrong question! Who would want to STOP me from reading it? And then it all clicked into place!

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  1. Thanks everyone! He’s a good sort, so I doubt I’m up for torturing him anyway. Besides, every time he gets up, the cat takes his chair, so I think he gets tortured enough!

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