News Flash, December 28

There’s still time to enter our Fabulous Holiday Contest for a chance to win a fabulous prize. We are giving away a Damn Scribbling Woman t-shirt to one lucky reader who can correctly match the 2009 Debutantes to these little-known facts about them (or at least make an honest effort to match them). If no one gets them all right, we’ll just pick one contestant at random, ’cause we want someone to win our fabulous prize . . . and that’s the kind of gals we are!

Which 2009 Debutante . . .
. . . Thinks Lays Potato Chips and champagne are a perfect food pairing?
. . . Is known for her ability to walk AND read at the same time?
. . . Wrote an infomercial for The Kegelmaster?
. . . Believes she makes the world’s best ruggelach?
. . . Grew up on a commune?

Give us your best guess in an email to All emails received by midnight, December 31 (because, really, Eve has nothing better to do on New Year’s Eve!) will be eligible to win. We’ll announce the winner in our first News Flash of 2009.

Good luck and let us hear from you!

Debs are Reading
Deb Eve is reading John Elder Robison’s LOOK ME IN THE EYE.