News Flash: March 27th, 2011

Congrats to Missy who won Science of Single by Rachel Machachek.

From the 2011 Debs…

Deb Sarah recently sent her agent the first 100 pages of her third novel. Fingers crossed!

Deb Eleanor had an amazing west coast tour and got to meet Deb Sarah AND Deb Elise. I am so lucky! Next up – Little Rock, AR, Columbia and St. Louis, MO, and Orlando, FL!

Deb Kim will be appearing at Elms College in Chicopee Mass this Wednesday, 3/30 at 4:30pm with special guest  NYT best selling author John Elder Robison . We’ll have a guest post from him next week to celebrate his new book, “Be Different.”

Deb Tawna is having a great time watching the votes roll in as readers get to pick the title of her August debut. There’s still time to share your two cents (and win an advance reading copy!) Check out Friday’s post to cast your vote.

Deb Dish — When They Were Little, What Did the Debs Want to be When They Grew Up?

Deb Elise

Damn, Deb Eleanor and I had the same fantasy!  Although I do have a whole novel (penned in 8th grade) about George’s and my marital adventures, so I think I might win this one.  I also wanted to be an actress, the folly of which was cemented in my head yet again as I shot behind the scene footage and author interview stuff during the Populazzi trailer shoot.  I FREAK OUT on camera.  Oh, I’ll share, but believe me, it’s not pretty…

Deb Eleanor

Married to George Michael. I’m fairly glad that didn’t work out as planned.

Deb Kim

I wanted to be an orthodontist like my Dad for years. In high school I took an English class on advertising and that changed my life. I went into advertising straight out of college.  And the skills work well for me even today!

Deb Sarah

A writer. No surprise, right? But I also went through a strange period of wanting to be a pilot. And, oddly, a career aptitude test in high school told me I should be a car mechanic. Um, no. Glad I didn’t take that one seriously.

Deb Tawna

For most of my childhood, I wanted to be a garbage collector. I liked the uniforms and the fact that they got to drive around in those cool trucks. I’m still fascinated by landfill compactors, those big tractorlike things with spikes on the wheels designed to crush trash. I could spend hours at the landfill watching them.

4 Replies to “News Flash: March 27th, 2011”

  1. One of Gianna’s friends Dad is a trash collector – nicest guy you’ll ever meet. And Francine Frensky (character on PBS Arthur) her Dad is a garbage collector too. I salute ours every Tuesday am – tough job, especially this winter in CT. Married to George Michael? Not so much. I played office a lot as a kid too – had a fake checkbook and everything. My checkbook feels fake now too – funny that!


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