The Lie That Tells the Truth: Q&A with Karen Karbo by Deb Danielle

I’m honored this week to host journalist and author, Karen Karbo, for a Q&A. Karen has had eleven books published including the novel, “Motherhood Made a Man Out of Me,” three books in the Minerva Clark teen detective series, and three works of non-fiction, including the most recent, “How to Hepburn: Lessons on Living from Kate the Great.” Karen’s adult novels have all been named New York Times Notable Books…


Deb Lisa’s Secret Life

I have a secret life. I feed my kids organic milk, whole wheat linguini, and sloppy joes made from soy. But I have a secret stash of Twinkies. I come by it naturally. When I was growing up, my mother force-fed my brother and me carab chip cookies (sort of like chocolate, but more like cardboard), granola, and ground turkey burgers (which do not, despite my mother’s protests, taste exactly…


Cross My Heart and Hope to D’oh! by Deb Jenny

I luuuuuvvvvvvv a good secret. I’m addicted to the intrigue of secrets, mostly. Secrets are so fun to be in on, yet so hard to, uh, keep secret. Not that I spread things; no way. If someone tells me something in confidence, I absolutely maintain that confidence. But then there are other times where I’ve been told something, not quite realized the gravity of the information, and then sort of…


News Flash! September 30, 2007

Deb News: Deb Danielle’s Falling Under received a great endorsement this week: “What happens when our heroine wants mindless sex and the new guy wants – gulp – to get to know her? Mara’s journey is a wild ride, back toward the harrowing story of her first love and forward toward the possibility of new love. Danielle Younge-Ullman writes about human connections with thrilling energy, honesty, and fury. And her…


Simple is not the same as easy by Deb Eileen

I’m a smart person. I’ve got not one, but two, university degrees. I watch Nova on public TV and we even have a subscription to Discover magazine (which I read despite the fact they never offer decent fashion advice or recipes). However, the list of normal everyday things I’ve never mastered is long. It includes, but is not limited to: Cartwheels: This knowledge gap showed up young. I would run…


A Deb Moment with Guest Author John Grisham

It’s fitting that our theme this week is I Want to Learn, as I had the good fortune of meeting today’s guest author, John Grisham, while in pursuit of something I had long wanted to learn, Italian. John has wisely parlayed his Italian experience into books set in Italia: first, his bestselling novel, The Broker, and now–in a departure from the legal thrillers with which we’ve come to associate the…

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