News Flash! April 8, 2007

Debs Go Back For More! GOOD THINGS is in its THIRD print run and has hit the Barnes & Noble General Trade Fiction Bestseller list, TWICE! Who says you can’t ever have too much of a good thing? Another Deb Debuts!  Debutante Jennifer McMahon’s Promise Not to Tell hits the stores this Tuesday, April 10!  Yay!  Be sure to pick up a copy of the book that garnered an A-…


First Apartments and Real Love by Deb Eileen

I graduated from University with a degree in English literature. In a competitive job market, this left me qualified to read good books and tell you what they were about. This was not a high demand skill. After a long search I finally found a job and moved to my first solo apartment. The cost of the new apartment seemed very reasonable. Almost strangely reasonable. Cost was a factor as…


He Drinks by Deb Jennifer

The first apartment I lived in on my own was a tiny place in Berea, Kentucky.   I was maybe 20, in college, doing an off-campus semester.  I ended up in Berea in an ill-advised attempt to be closer to a girl, who, it turned out, didn’t really want to be closer to me.  But Berea was charming, full of folk artists making traditional Appalachian crafts – dulcimers, rocking chairs, woven…


A Girl Needs a Good Tagline by Deb Tish

Marketing guru M.J. Rose is adamant about one thing–every book needs a good tagline. Patry Francis, author of Liar’s Diary, and I took M.J.’s Buzz Your Book class last spring and rattled our brains to come up with taglines that spoke of not only the style of our books, but also our respective audiences. The tagline I came up with for Town House is… an eccentric metropolitan tale for the anxious…


News Flash! April 1, 2007

Deb Jennifer Interviewed on Mia’s Blog! Deb Mia is interviewing Deb Jennifer on her blog on Tuesday, April 3, one week before the official release of PROMISE NOT TO TELL. Swing by and hear all about the book and Deb Jennifer’s inspiration for her soon-to-be bestselling novel. Plus, there’s a recipe … towards the end of the book, the character Raven, one of the few remaining members of the commune,…

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