Things I need to learn the hard way over and over… by Deb Eileen

I don’t tan. This is not from a healthy-I’m-avoiding-too-much-sun-exposure- approach. This is due to a tragic lack of ability. If I were able to tan I would head out, slather up and turn my hide a nice toasty brown. My skin tone is more marshmallow than toasty. It isn’t from a lack of trying. In high school I wanted to have a tan for prom so I went every day…


False Starts and New Beginnings by Deb Mia

I’m one of those people that has a million ideas — for everything. I think I’m a closet wannabe inventor. For example, I came up with those little ear mittens before L.L. Bean did. Uh-huh. Really. I think that’s why writing suits me as it does — turns out I also have a million ideas for novels, short stories, screenplays, you name it. Of course, such things are also incredibly…


Beginnings by Deb Jennifer

I am good at beginnings.  Great even.  I don’t hem and haw.  I just dive right in, full speed ahead.  This is true with just about every other project in my life and is especially obvious when it comes to my writing.  And this is why I have the beginnings of nine books in my Word writing file right now.  Nine.  This does not count the “Book Ideas” folder in…


Big Apple Bite By Deb Anna

Yikes, here I go writing off topic again. I’m winding up a week in New York that I spent publicizing my book. I was tempted to write that I’m winding up my New York book tour, but the fact is, I got myself here (using mileage, but still), paid for my hotel room and booked most of my own media appearances. Just a few tiny words can change the meaning,…


News Flash! July 1, 2007

PARTY This Summer! The Hartford Courant included Deb Anna’s PARTY GIRL in their piece, “Good Bets for a Storied Summer” while USA Today featured the book in a “Summer Sizzlers” article, calling the protagonist “quick-witted” and excerpting a section. PARTY in New York! While in Manhattan, Deb Anna did an interview with Galleycat and The Live Desk on Fox News. More GOOD THINGS! The Chico Enterprise-Record called GOOD THINGS a…


The Winds of Change, A Very Serious Essay by Deb Kristy

So, this week’s topic was wind. The smart ass in me (oh, and that’s about 97%) was dying to write something pithy about breaking wind, but then I decided that my definition of “pithy” was more “eight-year-old boy potty humor” than sophisticatedly amusing and I scrapped it. So, what’s a Southerner left to blog about with a topic like that? Oh, yes, five bucks to you all. It is SO Gone…

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