I’m Gonna Live Forever by Deb Kristy

Our topic this week was “Memories.” All I can think of when I hear that word is the movie Fame and the audition of pathetic little Doris Fenseker, in which she earnestly eeks out…”The Way We Were.” Such is the nature of memory. It plays tricks on us. It makes us believe we lived through something one way, when, in fact, it was another way. It gets you lost in the town you grew up…


Glaston… wherey? by Deb Jennifer

I have a lot of memories, and I mine them frequently for my fiction writing, and for blog posts on the Ball — but there’s little doubt in my mind that many of them are just plain wrong.  I am notorious for not remembering things the way they really were, or for forgetting things altogether. My brother teases me about this when we take little trips down memory lane.  To…


Huge in Japan by Deb Tish

My earliest memory is sitting on my grandmother’s lap with a coloring book and coloring right to the edge of the page. The page looked fantastic. My grandmother took one look and showed me I’d colored too far. That I was only meant to color to where the line drawings ended. Grandma had the very best of intentions, she did, after all, give me chocolate Smarties afterward, but this was…


Memory Lane By Deb Anna

I have an excellent memory for entirely useless things. I remember telling a family friend that my favorite TV show was Underdog when I was about four. I recall being absolutely enamored of a bruise my friend had on her leg in kindergarten. I remember wearing the same dress as my friend the first day of first grade, but I was wearing it backwards (my mom was back at work,…


News Flash! July 22, 2007

Are you hungry yet? Deb Mia and a GOOD THINGS recipe is featured in The Write Ingredients: Recipes From Your Favorite Authors. Compiled by New York Times bestselling author Lori Foster, the book features over 90 of your favorite authors to create a book of tasty treats. Pick up your copy today and bon appétit! Friends in the News! Pat Wood, author of Lottery has been a busy media mogul. Check out…


Angsting on Ending by Guest Renee Rosen

We have a divine guest blogger today. Debut author Renee Rosen is joining us to talk about endings and getting through them with your sanity intact. Renee’s novel, Every Crooked Pot is the semi-autobiographical, coming of age tale of a girl on the outside looking in.  Chosen a Hot Summer Read by the Chicago Tribune, Renee’s novel has garnered praise from NYT Bestselling authors like Sara Gruen and is currently on the…

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