The Debutantes are dancing like mad this week: Debutante Review! Publisher’s Weekly says Debutante Mia King’s Good Things (February 9, 2007) has a “plucky protagonist;” a tale of a “domestic diva” who goes “from princess to pauper” with an ending that “will please…!”  Guest Blog! Debutante Kristy Kiernan has the great honor of being the guest at Murderati, as well as Killer Year, this Friday, Dec. 1, 2006. Drop by and say hello so…


Crying on Cue by Deb Anna

Wonderful actors supposedly struggle with the skill — supposedly, even Sir Lawrence Olivier couldn’t do it. So why I — a writer not particularly prone to tears who isn’t nearly masochistic enough to have ever wanted to be an actress — can make myself cry is beyond me. I’m not exactly sure when I discovered that I had this talent. It wasn’t when I wanted a better grade, got pulled…


How Vermeer Got Me an Agent by Deb Kristy

I found my agent like I’ve found a lot of things in my life; through a bizarre series of odd coincidences and happy accidents. First off, let me state for the record that I had no connections in the publishing industry. I have no MFA. In fact, I don’t have any higher degree at all. I had no relatives, friends, friends of friends, kind of/sort of connections, period. I was…


The Agent Search by Deb Eileen

With the publication of my first book looming, more and more I get questions from other writers who are starting to navigate the publishing waterways. They have a mistaken notion that I have some secrets or know what I’m doing. One of the most common questions I hear is: “Where did you get your agent?” Why WalMart of course – the aisle near office supplies. No – don’t be foolish,…


Desperately Seeking Literary Agent by Deb Mia

Debut fiction author, about to be published, seeks literary representation after ending it with current literary agent. Must be willing to discuss possible story ideas, be open to light editing or comments. Similar philosophy on writing, publishing, and marketing preferred. Has time for me. Laughs at my jokes (I promise to laugh at yours!). Firm but flexible. Responds promptly. Current list should be impressive but manageable, with a view that…


Thrills, Chills and Macaroons by Deb Jennifer

A few weeks back, I gushed about my agent, so this week, I’m going off topic.  I just received a copy of my German cover from Rowohlt Verlag.  Now several things hit me right off.  First, the title: Das Madchen im Wald, which apparently means “The Girl in the Woods” (for all of my mastery of the German language, it could mean anything!).  I do like it: simple, evocative of fairy…

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