He Drinks by Deb Jennifer

The first apartment I lived in on my own was a tiny place in Berea, Kentucky.   I was maybe 20, in college, doing an off-campus semester.  I ended up in Berea in an ill-advised attempt to be closer to a girl, who, it turned out, didn’t really want to be closer to me.  But Berea was charming, full of folk artists making traditional Appalachian crafts – dulcimers, rocking chairs, woven…


A Girl Needs a Good Tagline by Deb Tish

Marketing guru M.J. Rose is adamant about one thing–every book needs a good tagline. Patry Francis, author of Liar’s Diary, and I took M.J.’s Buzz Your Book class last spring and rattled our brains to come up with taglines that spoke of not only the style of our books, but also our respective audiences. The tagline I came up with for Town House is… an eccentric metropolitan tale for the anxious…


News Flash! April 1, 2007

Deb Jennifer Interviewed on Mia’s Blog! Deb Mia is interviewing Deb Jennifer on her blog on Tuesday, April 3, one week before the official release of PROMISE NOT TO TELL. Swing by and hear all about the book and Deb Jennifer’s inspiration for her soon-to-be bestselling novel. Plus, there’s a recipe … towards the end of the book, the character Raven, one of the few remaining members of the commune,…


Bear with me by Deb Eileen

I would like to start this harrowing tale of animal encounters by saying that I live in North Vancouver. This area is about 15 minutes from the downtown core of Vancouver. However, our home is about half way up a mountain, a mountain that we share with several woodland creatures. We have two dogs, they are approximately the size of two jumbo Kleenex boxes. Their true size in no way…


Click Clack Moo – The Reality Show by Deb Mia

I had a hard time debating the title for this post (side note: yes, this is how I spend my days, coming up with good titles for my posts rather than finishing my option material for Berkley). It was a dead heat between “Room with a Moo” and “Click, Clack, Moo” (the title of a darling children’s book by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin), and the latter was obviously the…

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