A Life of Crime by Deb Mia

Hmmm, crimes I’ve committed … I’m afraid those records have been permanently sealed. But never fear — crimes are committed daily in our household, with me as the primary culprit. Here’s an example: Husband: “You said you would be on the computer for an hour. You’ve been blogging or grogging or whatever it is you do, for five!” Me: “I’m trying to build my literary career! Is that a crime?”…


Crimes, Misdemeanors and Stories for Cute Boys by Deb Tish

I did some idiotic, not-quite legal things when I was younger–things I’m not sure I want bobbing about on the Internet forevermore. So I’m going to deflect by telling you about bank robberies I’ve been involved in. As a spectator, not as a robber. The first robbery was during the Montreal Olympics when I was ten. My grandfather was visiting from California and he took me, my 22-month-old brother Michael, and my cousin…


News Flash!

Will the Great Reviews ever end for the Debs?! Let’s hope not! Debutante Tish Cohen’s TOWN HOUSE was reviewed by Kirkus this week, who had this to say: “A constellation of characters whose idiosyncrasies make the family of Little Miss Sunshine look like Ozzie and Harriet.” Folks, if Kirkus likes it, you’re gonna love it! Debs on Lists! Deb Mia King’s Good Things is #38 on the Barnes & Noble General…


My Side of the Bed by Deb Kristy

I can’t do it. Everyone else’s posts have been so eloquent, so persuasive and passionate in their offerings, and I find myself reaching, futilely, for something that hasn’t been said, some book that will prove my devotion to the form, or at least to a specific writer or genre. But I cast back over the books I read in 2006 and cannot remember them properly, only fleeting impressions remain. I…


So Many Books by Deb Tish

Apparently I’m a book skank. I loved so many books in 2006 I cannot bring myself to choose a favorite. The sad thing is, I could have loved so many more, had I made the time.  So, in lieu of flogging one true love, we’re going to hold a “So Many Books” award ceremony for my most beloved nightstand darlings. These books may or may not have been published in 2006, my self-centered…

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