Spring’s The Thing — Finally!

spring-cleaningThe reason this post is late? Mega snow day today. It’s still coming down, though we’re only expecting about four to eight inches. Which means everything here has come to a halt. And the littles have no school. So I’m scrambling to squeeze in some work. And man, can I NOT WAIT for Spring.

Ideally, the Book Two revisions will be officially wrapped up, and we’ll have a few CAKE projects long-percolating finally off to potential future homes. Which means it will be time for me to sit down and tackle the WIP once again. And this time, actually, you know, like, work on it. Because that was the plan in November, and the plan imploded big time.

In order to prep for that project though, like Karma suggested, I have to clear out the cobwebs. Herewith, a few small actions that will put some spring into swing.

1. CLEAR MY DESK. I’ve done this like four time already, in quite a half-assed way. But things keep ending up piling up on it again. And given that I don’t have an office, my desk, tucked into the corner of our living room, is my only officially designated writing space. So I have to spend a few days dismantling the chaos to make a real change here — getting rid of old files, shredding the stuff that needs to be shredded, tossing cards and magazines and other clutter. Then — and only then — will I be able to plop into my peacock blue velvet chair of awesomeness and set my little MacAir on the actual desk. It will be a triumph, I tell you!

2. CLEAR MY HEAD. Lots going on. But most of my activity — except for walking the kids to and from school — has entailed sitting on the couch with my laptop cozied up close. Too much screen time, and not enough spring time. So as the weather warms up, I plan to make it a point to LEAVE THE HOUSE. Go for a walk, start up that yoga I keep talking about, take the littles to the park to play. Family time is a key component to this — no computer, iPad, or phone. Moments where you can just let it go.

3. READ! I try to do this, but lately, with all the deadline madness, it’s been squeezed into the sked in bits and pieces. But there are so many books coming out in 2015 — even if you just count the debuts alone! — that this needs to be a priority again. Two books a week? That’s cake!

4. BREATHE. All of the sudden there are just just two months and change before TINY PRETTY THINGS hits shelves. How the hell did that happen? The next few months will no doubt be a blur of travel and marketing and more writing, so I have to remind myself to pause and pinch myself, to remind myself of where I am and how I got here and that this is it — the moment D and I have been working towards now for three years and counting. So we better remember to stop and actually enjoy it!



Author: Sona Charaipotra

An entertainment and lifestyle journalist published by The New York Times, People, ABC News, MSN, Cosmopolitan and other major national media, SONA CHARAIPOTRA currently curates a kickass column on YA books and teen culture for Parade.com. A collector of presumably useless degrees, she double-majored in journalism and American Studies at Rutgers before getting her masters in screenwriting from New York University (where her thesis project was developed for the screen by MTV Films) and her MFA from the New School. When she's not hanging out with her writer husband and two chatter-boxy kids, she can be found poking plot holes in teen shows like Twisted and Vampire Diaries. But call it research: Sona is the co-founder of CAKE Literary, a boutique book development company with a decidedly diverse bent. Her debut, the YA dance drama Tiny Pretty Things (co-written with Dhonielle Clayton), is due May 26 from HarperTeen. Find her on the web at SonaCharaipotra.com or CAKELiterary.com.

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  1. READ! I’m trying to do that more and more. I’ve now convinced myself that it’s officially part of my job as a writer to read as much as I can. No, it is no longer a hobby!

  2. I’m doing the 50 book/year challenge with Goodreads and because I’m highly motivated by deadlines — particularly ones I worry I *might* not make — it’s pushing me to read a lot. I’m two books ahead of schedule 😉

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