MWF Seeking BFF Launch week continues with Deb Erika’s Q & A with Deb Rachel!

My good friend in college and I loved Carly Simon—we STILL do—and whenever we’d hear a Carly song on the radio, any one of her many spot-on tributes to the emotional landslides that invariably befall us all, my friend and I would turn to one another and say with unabashed reverence: “Carly knows.” Well, after reading MWF SEEKING BFF, I can now say the same for Deb Rachel in the…

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

MWF SEEKING BFF launch week – Deb Joanne’s Q&A with Rachel

It’s LAUNCH WEEK for Deb Rachel’s MWF SEEKING BFF! I finished MWF SEEKING BFF the other day, but it’s still with me, the many layers of the book sticking with me long after I closed the cover and put it down with a happy sigh.  I’ll get to the Q&A in a minute, but first I wanted to talk about the two really compelling reasons why I liked the book:…

Monday, December 19, 2011

Deb Molly Has Some Advice on How (and Where) to Read LITTLE GALE GUMBO

I spent most of last week curled up in a cabin in northern Wisconsin, staring at Lake Michigan’s white-capped waves, marveling at how the water changed from slate gray to bright turquoise (we called it “Corona Blue“) as the clouds rolled across the lake, how the seagulls looked black or white according to the angle of the sun, how much the contours of the beach changed as the waves grew…

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

LITTLE GALE GUMBO launch week – Deb Joanne’s Q&A with Erika

It’s LAUNCH WEEK for Deb Erika’s LITTLE GALE GUMBO! We thought for our launch weeks, we would mix things up a little and do a interrogation Q&A with the author.  Each day, a Deb will ask the launching author s a question about her process/craft/whatever as it pertains to her book. Here’s my question to Erika: “One of the things that amazed the writer in me about this book is…

Monday, October 3, 2011