I Met R.L Stein This Week. And That’s All That Really Matters.

Friday, October 7, 2016

This week, with a super last-minute invite, I stopped by the McNally Jackson bookstore to attend an author trivia night one of my fellow Swanky Seventeen compatriots was participating in. Who was the host of the event? Oh, just R.L Stein…only MY FAVORITE AUTHOR EVER!! At the end of the event, I stood on line like a little girl, anxiously waiting my turn to talk to him with clammy hands….


Stereotypes, Sequins, and Starvation by Deb Lisa Daily

Stereotype: The rich and famous author. Most people outside of publishing believe all authors to be rich and famous. Most published authors are, ahem, not. In fact, most books don’t even earn out their advance. In 2004, Nielsen Bookscan tracked the sales of 1.2 million books in the United States. Here are the statistics: –Of those 1.2 million, 950,000 sold fewer than 99 copies. (79%) –Another 200,000 sold fewer than…

Wednesday, January 23, 2008