Interview with Farah Heron, author of THE CHAI FACTOR

Saturday, October 26, 2019

I am so excited to welcome Farah Heron to The Debutante Ball this week. Farah’s debut, THE CHAI FACTOR released in June from HarperCollins Canada, and she’s one of my favorite people on Twitter. Check her out for a perfect blend of writing truth, political and equity truth, and straight-up humor. Farah is one of those writers you at once root for and want to be friends with it.    After…


Deb Dana Will Not Allow the Rom Com to Die

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Much has been written lately about the death of the romantic comedy. The writers of these essays come to varying conclusions (the genre is dead, it isn’t dead but is gravely injured, it’s still alive but changed and/or hidden within other genres) and point their fingers at different culprits (modern audiences, greedy studios, bad writers, actors/actresses who phone it in). As the writer of romantic comedy, I have, to put…