6 AWESOME Things About Being A Debut

Thursday, August 20, 2015

We’ve talked so much this past year about the ups and downs of the publishing journey — it’s a wild ride for sure. But this week on the Ball, as we come to the end of our debut years, we’re talking about what it was that made it so amazing. Because amidst the craziness, it’s often hard to remember just how truly privileged we are to share our stories with…


Deb Kerry’s RITA moment

The topic of the week here at the Ball is “Writer’s Conferences,” or “Interacting With Other Writers.” As it turns out, I like this topic. I’ve had great experiences both with conferences and other writers, both online and in person. This summer, I celebrated my first ever publishing contract by attending two big writer’s conferences: RT and RWA. That, for a neophyte conference attendee, is a heck of a lot…

Monday, October 1, 2012