The Dream-Come-True Part

Thursday, November 12, 2015

The sales cycle for I LIKED MY LIFE went like this: edit, send to a handful of publishers, collect rejections, err, I mean feedback, repeat. We were on round three of this daunting process when I sent my agent—the amazing Elizabeth Winick Rubinstein—my latest revision. I no longer obsessed about when I’d hear back, exactly who’d be pitched, etc. I’d come to peace with my always-the-bridesmaid-never-the-bride lot as a writer….


She Says Tomahto, That Guy Over There Says Tomato: My Experience On Submission

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

This week we’re talking about our submission process, and what’s been interesting to me is how different each of those processes were. Louise’s path was deceptively easy — she was fortunate enough to impress a great editor with her first forty pages, but then she had to fulfill the promise of those pages and nurture that editor’s interest for three full years. Jennifer’s first novel died in submission, and she…


On Not Selling a Book

Rejection Just Ahead Green Road Sign with Dramatic Storm Clouds and Sky.
Tuesday, November 10, 2015

This week we’re talking about being on submission and selling our books. I’ve discussed being on submission before. And I think my fellow Debs will have plenty to say on selling books. So I’m going to talk about not selling a book. We constantly hear of famous books that didn’t sell. Gone With the Wind was rejected thirty-eight times before it was published. Yet the fact is they are famous…


The Kismet-Filled True-Tale of How I Sold My Novel

Monday, November 9, 2015

  This week on The Debutante Ball we are talking about our book sales and being on submission. The story of the sale of THE CITY BAKER’S GUIDE TO COUNTRY LIVING involves a fair amount of serendipity. It was the spring of 2010. I had been working on my novel off and on for about eight months when I decided to sign up for my first writers’ conference, GrubStreet’s The…


Secrets: Why to Keep Them on Submission

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

In the book FLAPPERS: A MADCAP STORY OF SEX, STYLE, CELEBRITY, AND THE WOMEN WHO MADE AMERICA MODERN, the author Joshua Zeitz quotes a letter from editor Maxwell Perkins to F. Scott Fitzgerald about THIS SIDE OF PARADISE: I am very glad, personally, to be able to write you that we are all for publishing your book….[It] is so different that it is hard to prophesy how it will sell…


A GIF, some honesty, and the realities of book two…

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I love this quote. (That Stephen King sure does know a thing or two about writers, and writing.) It’s one of those, “I should tattoo this on my arm” kind of sayings, though I’ll probably stop short of doing that and just make a bookmark instead.   The truth is I have never felt more paralyzed, more panicked about my writing, than when I was trying to write a synopsis…


Deb Linda Doesn’t Want to Scare You, But …

My fellow Debs have already provided all kinds of wonderful advice on the submissions process this week. (If you haven’t read their posts, go and do it now. They are full of good stuff! That’s okay. I’ll wait.) See there? They’ve outlined the To-Dos and To-Don’ts so well I can’t think of a thing to add. (Not that I ever let that stop me.) So, as you may have gathered,…

Friday, April 13, 2012

Deb Joanne’s Submission Survival Guide

Today marks the beginning of The Debutante Ball Query Critique Contest! The Debs are giving away query critiques to 5 of our beloved readers! To be eligible, just leave a comment any day during our Submissions week (Starting today and up to and including Saturday, April 14ths post—contributed by our FABULOUS guest agent Michelle Wolfson) and specify if you’d like to be entered in the contest and we will randomly…

Monday, April 9, 2012