The Legend of Lamby by Deb Jennifer

When I was not quite five years old, we had a house fire.  My brother and I were in our grandma’s bedroom watching the Super Friends on Saturday morning.  Our grandmother was out getting her hair done.  There we were on the floor, cheering on Aquaman and Wonder  Woman, our backs propped against the foot of the bed, as the room slowly-slowly filled with smoke.  My grandmother had these funky…

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Pop What? by Deb Mia

Confession: I know nothing about pop culture. Confession: The only thing I know about pop culture has to do with Paris Hilton, which I read on Deb Eileen’s blog, which Deb Anna has already commented on, on Monday. Confession: So I Googled it. I actually Googled, “What is pop culture?” (I know, this just gets more pathetic by the moment). And is anybody surprised that I got 85,100,000 hits? I…

Thursday, May 17, 2007

From a Slightly Discombobulated Deb Kristy

So it’s a free-for-all this week at the Ball and I haven’t had one big idea come to me yet. I’ve been– happily– busy getting the proposal for my new book out to my editor. It left my desk on Thursday, so I am now catching up on life and had a moment to give careful consideration to today’s post. And yet I still couldn’t decide upon one topic. So…

Saturday, May 12, 2007