The Queen of Hearts…and Instagram Posts

Kimmery is the “queen” of amazing instagram photos. This happens to be my copy of The Queen of Hearts…functioning as a great Lego base. This book has something for everyone!!


Kimmery Martin is first out of the gate with her witty debut, THE QUEEN OF HEARTS. Centered around two best friends who met at camp, went to college together, and then medical school, Kimmery has intertwined their narratives so tightly that it’s easy to see how deeply each of the women – Emma and Zadie – feel about each other. They count on each other, in the way family does, and so when hints of a past betrayal are laid for the reader, it’s impossible to think of anything else—what happened? Who did what? And will it be forgiven?


The novel is rich with detail—especially the hospital scenes. Having gotten to know Kimmery over the past few months, I could so easily see her in these situations, hear her voice, and see the calm take over as the stakes grow higher. Fans of Grey’s Anatomy will enjoy the early relationship between Dr. X and Zadie, and romance readers will delight in the happy ending (but it’s not what you think!)


Readers are talking about THE QUEEN OF HEARTS, and I have no doubt this debut will continue to buzz long after the release!


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Author: Julie Clark

Born and raised in Santa Monica, California, Julie Clark grew up reading books on the beach while everyone else surfed. After attending college at University of the Pacific, and a brief stint working in the athletic department at University of California, Berkeley, she returned home to Santa Monica to teach. She now lives there with her two young sons and a golden doodle with poor impulse control. Her debut, THE ONES WE CHOOSE, will be published by Gallery/Simon & Schuster in May 2018.